Optometrists looking to combat online contact lens sales will soon have an ally with the impending launch of a new daily disposable from a start-up called Eyeris. The company, founded a year ago by contact lens specialist Jeffrey Sonsino, OD, recently gained FDA approval for its hioxifilcon A daily disposable lens, slated to hit the market in January.

The lens, called Eyeris Dailies, has an 8.5 base curve, a 14.3 diameter and will be available in a power range from -13.00 to +6.00. Optometrists who are part of the Eyeris network will be able to give their patients access to the lens with the same convenience offered by other online retailers while retaining control over dispensing and pricing, according to the company. If patients choose to order the lens online, the prescribing doctor receives the margin as if it were purchased in their office, the company says.

The company also offers a service called Patient Finder that uses open slots in a doctor’s appointment book (e.g., due to no-shows and cancellations) for patients seeking last-minute appointments.

For more information, visit myeyeris.com. Additional details are expected with the formal launch of Eyeris Dailies at the Academy 2019 meeting in Orlando later this month.