The pandemic has shown doctors the value of being able to provide care at a distance, and a new product from Topcon aims to help. Called RDx, it’s a software platform that works with the company’s CV-5000S digital phoropter to allow doctors to perform remote refractions from any location without sacrificing quality of care, says a company press release.

A tech at your office guides the patient through the pre-exam testing and sets up the patient at the phoropter. The RDx system imports pre-test data and then prompts you to begin the refraction. A two-way video feed allows doctor and patient to connect in real time during the exam, Topcon explains. The company says this process adds workflow efficiencies that can cut exam time almost in half.

The system can allow one doctor to provide care at several locations if suitably equipped, Topcon says, which can benefit multi-office practices and allow provision of care to rural areas without need for lengthy travel by doctors or patients.

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