Your patients who are approaching presbyopic age don’t have to get by with drug store readers any more. If you want to provide a better spectacle wear experience—one that partially acclimates them to PAL use before they need them—Signet Armorlite has just released a new ophthalmic lens called Kodak PowerUp.

The company says the product is particularly suited to the visual tasks of a digital device–centric world by helping patients achieve prolonged, comfortable reading up close. Kodak PowerUp Lenses offer two levels of power boost in the reading area: 0.40D and 0.66D. This design requires monocular PD and fitting height measurements for proper placement of the power boost but lenses are dispensed as single vision.

PowerUp lenses are available in clear, photochromic, polarized and blue light–filtering options. It is currently available at a 1.67 index; a polycarbonate version will be released this summer. Signet Armorlite says the lenses are covered by VSP and EyeMed, and will be added to other managed care plans in the following months. 

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