Alphaeon HD Analyzer

You can determine the presence and extent of media opacity early in the course of cataract development with the HD Analyzer, a device that provides eye care practitioners with a clinical assessment of light scatter—an essential indicator of early cataract. With the HD Analyzer’s Optical Scatter Index, practitioners can track cataract progression and view an objective measurement of the patient’s vision.The HD Analyzer has been cited in more than 20 peer-reviewed publications worldwide and is being used by several hundred ophthalmic centers internationally. Alphaeon recently acquired the device from Visiometrics.Visit

TVCI Clinical Grading Scales App

Assess and evaluate the severity of corneal staining, lid redness, meibomian gland dysfunction, cortical cataract and other common eye conditions with the Clinical Grading Scales App from the Vision Care Institute, supported by Johnson & Johnson.This new app, based on the Efron grading scale, allows users to evaluate progression using real-time animation and side-by-side severity level comparisons, making it easier to demonstrate clinical assessment. Clinicians can also export reports for office records without collecting personal data and view a comprehensive assessment guide. The Vision Care Institute’s Clinical Grading Scales App is free, compatible with the iPhone and available in the iTunes App Store.



Get ready to snap photos or take video in conjunction with your favorite optical instrument with Arcturus Labs’ Magnifi, the world’s first iPhone photoadapter case. Magnifi connects the camera on your iPhone to virtually any eyepiece instrument.

Using it is simple: Just slip your phone into the case, drop it over the eyepiece and use the built-in camera app until the image border becomes crisp. Snap the latch closed and you’re ready. According to the company, Magnifi works best on eyepieces that are 1” to 1.5” in diameter. Visit

Zeiss Officelens

Give your patients better computer-glare relief and nudge your second-pair sales with Zeiss Officelens, a new and more versatile alternative to ordinary computer lenses. According to Zeiss, the Officelens is easy to work with and easy to prescribe, mostly because of its simple product specifications—the Officelens Book, for example, is targeted to patients who get up close and personal with their visually intensive devices, such as handheld computers or phones; the Officelens Desk is made for patients who spend their time in cubicles or small offices; and the Officelens Room is for nearly any indoor or closer-range outdoor visual activity.

The product is specifically targeted toward patients who spend more than two hours per day on a computer, especially those who suffer from tired eyes and other related complications.



Rudy Project

Fashionable and functional—those are the selling points for Rudy Project’s newest rollout of its Indyo sport utility frame and classic DNA/carbon style.

The goal of the Italian-crafted brand is to provide athletes with advanced sports performance eyewear and everyday ophthalmic wear.

Indyo adapts for everything from morning runs to daytime office work, and has removable optical direct clips that allow opticians to mount many types of Rx lenses. DNA/carbon is designed as sleek and classic daily eyewear, and is available in full, half and frameless models.


CooperVision Biofinity

Biofinity XR lenses are now available in powers from +8.50 to +15.00 (0.5 steps) and -12.50 to -20.00 (0.5 steps), expanding CooperVision’s popular silicone hydrogel lens. This expansion allows practitioners to fit a greater number of monthly replacement lens wearers, including those with significant hyperopia or myopia.

The existing Biofinity line will continue to be available in +8.00 to -12.00 powers.


Maui Jim

You can now order more of your favorite Maui Jim sunglasses in prescription and choose from a wider range of colors, the company says.
A newly added system allows Maui Jim to produce prescription lenses for their most popular sport and fashion frames. All of the company’s prescription lenses are made from either polycarbonate or Maui Evolution lens materials. With the expanded technology, single vision or progressive polycarbonate sunglass lenses will be an option in many of the company’s 98 frame styles.



The Ilast lid care products are now available through Paragon BioTeck, which recently signed an agreement with Horus Pharma for distribution rights within the United States. Horus Pharma described the partnership as “a significant milestone in our company’s global commercialization efforts.” Ilast is the only preservative-, fragrance- and alcohol-free line of ocular hygiene and lid care products available in the US, the company says.


OLSS Optuitive

The first lab management software that’s cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant comes in the form of Optuitive, an exclusive Smart User Experience offered by Optical Lab Software Solutions.

Optuitive is accessible using virtually any device with a web browser, including smart phones and tablets. The cloud-based infrastructure is designed for maximum efficiency, allowing for real-time customer-related inquiries from one screen equipped with memory type-aheads, interactive widgets and job status alerts. It’s described as an “ultra-modern interface” created for function, features, flow, content and visual appearance. InformationWeek recognized Optuitive as groundbreaking technology earlier this year.