The SK-850A Visual Field Analyzer.

Early detection of glaucoma could become easier with the SK-850A Visual Field Analyzer, an optical projection perimeter compliant the Goldman standard, introduced today by Coburn Technologies. The device provides a quantitative evaluation of macular function and comes in two models, Standard and Expert, the latter with enhanced features for more advanced testing. The manufacturer says that key features include  auto gaze tracking that uses 3D fixation monitoring; automatic calibration and brightness measurement immediately upon use; and  easy-to-read printed reports that require no additional training or explanation.

The SK-650A retinal camera.

The company today also launched the SK-650A non-mydriatic, DICOM-compatible retinal camera. Coburn says its key features include an auto mosaic function to photograph large retinal areas, an optical red-free mode for nerve fiber layer comparison and the superior picture quality provided by full 45° image capture to avoid losing fundus information.