Essilor Definity Progressive Lenses
Essilor is introducing several new initiatives to promote its Definity progressive lenses this spring. For one, Definity 3 and Definity 3 Plus lenses are now available in a wide spectrum of indexes and materials, including standard plastic 1.50, Trexa Trivex-based material, Airwear polycarbonate, Thin&Lite 1.67 and Thin&Lite 1.74.

The m’eyeFit digital measuring system provides a high-tech method to ensure accurate fit of Definity lenses.
For another, the affiliation between Definity lenses and the m’eyeFit digital measuring system offers eye care professionals a high-tech method to ensure accurate fit while providing flexibility in the dispensing process. This electronic tabletop dispensing device precisely measures pupillary distance, fitting height, A & B, pantoscopic tilt, wrap and vertex measurements. It comes preloaded with additional tools to make dispensing easier, including frame selection, patient education, patient information management, online ordering and PMS connection, the company says.

In addition, the redesigned website for Definity lenses gives members access to more content and exclusive rewards, and an enhanced experience through a new partnership with The Power Practice, a practice-building consultation service. Through a free, one-on-one Power Profitability Analysis with Gary Gerber, OD, eye care professionals will learn ways to improve profitability in their businesses.

Visit www.definitycommunity.com.

Unity BluTech Lenses
Designed to protect the eyes from harmful, high-energy blue light, the newly launched Unity BluTech lenses from VSP Optics Group are infused with natural melanin and ocular lens pigments. These impact-resistant lenses filter out harmful, high-energy blue light and UVA/UVB radiation while allowing innocuous light to pass though.

They also enhance contrast and visual acuity, reduce glare and improve night vision, the company says.

The BluTech technology is available in both indoor and outdoor lenses for most of VSP’s Unity digital single vision and progressive lenses. The indoor lenses feature a slight tint and the outdoor lenses are polarized with 80% light absorption.

Visit www.vspopticsgroup.com.

Portable Video Centration System
ombining the convenience of a tablet with cloud computing power, AIT Industries recently unveiled its new video centration system—the visuReal Portable.

To determine all required centration values, it uses a specialized optical system attached to an iPad and a calibration tool that sits on the patient’s frames. Measurements include:

  • Pupillary distance
  • Fitting heights
  • Boxing dimensions
  • Head rotation
  • Inclination
  • Vertex distance

You can easily email or store the measurements online. The company says that visuReal also allows you to upload photos and videos of patients wearing the trial frames to help them decide on the right look or get opinions from family and friends. 

Visit www.aitindustries.com.

Website and Multimedia
Vmax Vision
With the launch of a new website and eight training videos, Vmax Vision is providing doctors and patients more resources aimed to guide them in using the PSF Refractor and Encepsion lenses.

The company says it offers tips on how to achieve more accurate and reliable refraction results, maximize office efficiencies while relieving physical stress, and deliver the best vision possible with the PSF Refractor and the digitally personalized Encepsion Lenses.

The new training videos were created to assist users at different levels of experience and understanding—from the beginner to the veteran refractionist. Available at www.vmaxvision.com/videos, the training videos include instruction on basic refraction, nighttime refraction, how to find an add power, and how to avoid overminusing and accommodation, among others.

Visit www.vmaxvision.com.

Optical Display
Angled Z-Risers
Just as the name implies, the new angled Z-Risers from Fashion Optical Displays offers a distinctive “Z” shape so that frames rest on an angle for easy viewing and an eye-catching presentation.

Each riser holds two or three frames, fits in any size showcase or island tower and can be mixed with any existing risers.

Available in black, clear or a new clear riser with a green-edged accent, Z-Risers make it easy to add new merchandise or remove frames when patients want to try them on.

Visit www.fashionoptical.com.

Disposable Prisms

Unlike reusable prisms, Haag-Streit’s disposable Tonosafe prism eliminates the need to clean and disinfect prisms between IOL measurements, check for prism damage or monitor prism age. Thus, it reduces the risk of corneal damage and cross-infection between patients, the company says.

Designed for all Goldmann and Perkins contact tonometers, Tonosafe delivers Goldmann accuracy while simplifying the IOP measurement process. Each package contains the disposable prism and a prism holder for quick and easy replacement.

Visit www.haag-streit-usa.com to request a free sample box. Choose “tonometers” on the left, then click “Tonosafe disposable tonometer prism” to access the request form.