Money Magazine and named optometry as one of the top 100 professions of 2010, as well as one of the highest paying jobs and one of the least stressful jobs in America.

With a median pay of $108,000, optometrists have the 20th highest paying job in the country, according to the ratings list. Taking into consideration a 10-year growth of 30%, high pay and quality of life, optometrists were ranked 56th on the Best Jobs in America list (between attorneys and clinical research associates), and 10th in the Least Stressful Jobs category (following accounting directors).

“Options, that’s what optometrists have,” the report says. “If they want to work in a group setting, they can join an organization. If they want to set their own hours, they can open a solo practice. Plus, they have the opportunity teach, research or work as a consultant. And don’t forget the sense of accomplishment that comes from curing someone’s troubled eyesight.”

Now call your high school guidance counselor and say thanks.