Good news for widefield imaging fans: Optos is adding new capabilities to its Daytona and Silverstone retinal imagers and upgrading the imaging processing of its entire product line, which also includes the California and Monaco devices. The company says its platform is the only retinal imaging technology capable of delivering single-capture ultra-widefield (UWF) images.

Daytona will now offer improved optics for better visualization and automatic laterality detection to improve image capture time. The new version also features an updated design and user interface to make using the device as fast and easy as possible for both the operator and the patient, Optos says.

The latest version of Silverstone, which combines UWF retinal imaging with swept-source OCT, includes a Repeat Scan tool that Optos says is useful for precise monitoring of change over time. A new Explorer Mode displays OCT scan type and location on the optomap image, improving access to and assessment of OCT scans. Finally, auto contrast is now available for angiography capture. 

And all four products in the Optos line will get new processing technology that Optos says improves image clarity and detail across the entire 200° image to aid detection of pathology both centrally and in the periphery.

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