Research on myopia control methods has expanded in recent years to give patients and providers more treatment options to reduce progression, and orthokeratology is enjoying a renaissance as a result. The new REMLens, named for its “rapid eye molding” effect, may help treat patients of all ages with low-to-moderate myopic refractive errors, says manufacturer X-Cel Specialty Contacts. 

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The lens, for use in patients with up to -5.00D sphere and up to –1.50D cylinder,  features four independently adjustable fitting zones and five diameter sizes that each have three optic zone options. The edges of the lenses are specifically designed for optimal comfort, says the company. The patient inserts the lenses before going to sleep and takes them out the next morning.

Doctors will have access to an online calculator to store and load corneal topography maps, fluorescein images and video files, reducing chair time on new fits or re-fits, X-Cel says. The calculator allows empirical fitting to ensure a proper and comfortable fit the first time around, according to the company, which could improve both efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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