RetEval portable full-field ERG testing device.
RetEval portable full-field ERG testing device. Click image to enlarge.

Recognizing glaucoma when it’s still in its early stage is critical, but media opacity or unreliable subjective tests may hinder the effort. Now, doctors interested in using electrodiagnostic testing to get objective findings have a new test to consider. Measuring the photopic negative response (PhNR) via electroretinography (ERG) allows for evaluation of retinal ganglion cell function. If you have—or are considering getting—the RetEval ERG from LKC Technologies, note that the company has added a new protocol that brings PhNR to the device.

The enhanced algorithm has a test/retest variability that shows a fourfold improvement over the previous version, LKC reports. The updated normative reference range is 1.7 times narrower, which the company says increases the sensitivity of the test and aids in detection of abnormal ganglion cell function. The company says it believes the new PhNR protocol for glaucoma demonstrates a practical application of ERG that can expand its role beyond the realm of specialists and into mainstream practice.

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