Artificial tears made without preservatives are traditionally packaged in single-dose vials that are only good for one use—but that’s not the only option anymore. If any of your patients are in the market for a more convenient and environmentally friendly preservative-free (PF) eye drop to help relieve dry eye symptoms, they’re in luck. Oasis Medical has launched its new Oasis Tears PF Plus lubricant eye drops, which come in a multi-use 10mL bottle. 

A valve on the tip of the bottle releases a drop of the product but blocks airflow into the unit to prevent contamination and microbial growth, allowing the drops to remain sterile for up to 90 days after opening, according to a company press release. Oasis says the PF Plus drops, like its others, are designed for quick relief and are recommended for daily use as needed in mild to moderate dry eye.

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