Patient Care

At-Home Diabetes Risk Assessment

The Diabetes Risk Assessment, by Biosafe, is an in-home diabetes assessment kit. This test includes a two-part processan immediate fasting glucose reading and a mail-in laboratory analysis for hemoglobin A1cboth of which require samples taken by a professional or self-collected through the use of a finger-nick collection kit.For more information, call 1-847-234-8111, or go to Please send any inquiries to

Contact Lenses

Post-Surgical Lens

SynergEyes PS, a hybrid contact lens by SynergEyes, Inc., is designed for post-refractive surgery patientsspecifically, for patients with oblate corneas resulting from refractive surgery, corneal trauma or degenerative conditions. SynergEyes PS lenses feature a gas-permeable center and a soft, hydrophilic skirt. The lens consists of a paflufocon D center and a hemiberfilcon A skirt, with a water content of 27%. It is available in a diameter of 14.5mm and a range of base curves from 7.6mm to 9.0mm, in 0.2mm steps. Sphere powers ranging from -6.00D to +2.00D in 0.25D steps are also offered. These lenses are indicated for six-month replacement. Call 1-877-SEE-2012 (1-877-733-2012), or go to


Low Vision

Video Magnification Camera

The Onyx, by Freedom Scientific, is a user-friendly portable video magnification camera that features three distinct viewing options: distance, document and self-view. It remembers its settings in each viewing option when switched between them. When used with a 20-inch screen, it provides up to 100x magnification.

The Onyx is available in five models:

The Onyx swing-arm.

The Onyx flexible-arm.

The Onyx swing-arm PC edition, which features a USB interface.

The Onyx flexible-arm PC edition.

The Onyx deskset, which features the Onyx camera mounted on a portable 17 or 19 flat panel monitor.

Call 1-800-444-4443, or go to

Diagnostic Technology

Dovie Cards

Dovie Ophthalmic Drug Cards, from Gulden Ophthalmics, feature more than 65 of the most commonly used ophthalmic medications. The set of cards is available in pocket size (5.5 by 4.5) or desk-reference size (10 by 6.5). Each card details the possible dosing regimens of each drug, its mechanism, available strengths, etc. The cards are color coded and categorized by diagnosis. Call (215) 884-8105, or go to



Ocular Supplement

ICaps Softgels AREDS Formula, from Alcon Laboratories, are now available in a new concentration and size. The softgels are intended for patients who are beginning to undergo moderate to severe age-related macular changes. Based on the age-related eye disease study (AREDS), ICaps Softgels include the recommended amounts of antioxidants and zinc ingredients, as well as vitamins C and E, in each time-release capsule. Call 1-800-695-6992, or go to


Dry Eye Supplement

ProOmega Junior capsules, from Nordic Naturals, are omega-3 fatty acid capsules in a smaller softgel size. Each capsule features a 70% omega-3 fatty acid content and a strawberry taste. Call 1-800-662-2544, or go to


What"s New on the Web
AOA Coding Resource is an online coding subscription service that is available to members of the American Optometric Association. It draws information from eight different sources. The Web site is continuously updated and includes short lessons from AOA coding experts. The subscription fee includes tech support and telephone training. Go to


Certification and Education

The Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO) has launched its new Web site. The site now offers more convenient navigation and enhanced communication abilities. The site offers user-friendly access to information regarding Continuing Education (CE) programs, upcoming events and course overviews. JCAHPO also now offers an online bookstore and service center, where users may register for courses or search listings of available grants and scholarships. Go to



Emilio Pucci by Marchon

Marchon introduces a line of sunwear from Emilio Pucci. Known for bold colors and patterns, Puccis latest line of womens sun frames highlights exactly that. This collection includes:

EP603S, an oversized zyl frame that features multicolor patterned temples and a metal logo plaque with keyhole knockout on the left temple. The translucent face of the frame is one color, available in ebony, turquoise, burgundy or bronze. This frame is offered in size 56/19-135.

EP608S, an oversized zyl frame that features floating lenses and inset sections of patterned zyl at the outer edges of the frames face and temple hinges. The frame is available in ebony, white, brown, turquoise, burgundy and bronze with complementary patterns. It is offered in size 60/16-125.

EP609S, an oversized round zyl frame that features translucent two-tone inlays. The metal logo plaque features a keyhole knockout inset with a clear crystal. This dual-color frame is offered in crystal/black, crystal/white and plum/rose, and in size 57/17-135.

EP610S, a square-edged oversized zyl frame that features curving clear insets along the temples. The metal logo treatment echoes the curve of these insets. The frame is available in black, white frost, tortoise and plum lilac. It comes in size 57/18-130.
Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to

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