Diagnostic Technology

Corneal Topographer

The Piccolo is a miniature topographer from EyeQuip. It is the third piece in the Keratron Topographer line and has much the same features as the Keratron and Scout, but smaller. It is designed to mount on a slit lamp and is PC compatible.

Its features include standard maps, auto-capture, keratoconus detection and spherical aberration management. Software updates and networking capabilities are free. Call 1-800-EYE-TOPO (1-800-393-8676), or go to www.eyequip.com.


Wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The Unplugged Battery system, by Heine, is now available to connect to the Omega 500 indirect ophthalmoscope. This headworn battery system includes a lithium polymer battery, LED power level indicators and mobile- or wall-charging options. A conversion kit is required for the Omega 500. The battery takes two hours to charge, and it has a minimum run time of two hours when constantly on.

Call 1-800-367-4872, or go to www.heineopto.com.  

Dry Eye

Lubricant Drops

Oasis Tears and Oasis Tears Plus, by Oasis Medical, Inc., are viscoadaptive lubricant eye drops. The biopolymers of the drop recoat the eye after each blink, the company says. The formulation is preservative free. Oasis Tears is indicated for mild to moderate dry eye symptoms, while Oasis Tears Plus is indicated for moderate to severe symptoms. Call 1-800-528-9786, or go to www.oasistears.com.


Prescription Insert

Lacrisert, a sustained-release prescription insert for dry eye patients, is now being distributed by Aton Pharma. Made of hydroxypropyl cellulose, this once-daily dissolving insert helps the eye retain moisture and helps the tear film to stabilize, the company says. It is intended for patients with moderate to severe dry eye. Call 1-877-ATON-549 (1-877-286-6549), or go to www.lacrisert.com.

Disinfectant Lid Scrub

SteriLid, by Advanced Vision Research, Inc., is a disinfectant eyelid cleanser. This foaming agent is intended to treat blepharitis and dry eye. It contains linalool, a proprietary antibacterial agent indicated for reduction of colony-forming units of several bacteria, including Pseudomonas, Escherichia coli, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Serratia marcescens and S. epidermidis. The foaming cleanser is pump-dispensed in a diluted concentration. Call (781) 932-5075, or go to www.theratears.com.


Exam Equipment

Eyeglass Caddy

The Glasses Station, by Gulden Ophthalmics, is a glasses caddy that attaches to a phoropter pole for ease of use and for glasses storage during an eye examination. The plastic caddy features a felt-lined compartment for patients glasses and an attached micro-fiber cleaning cloth. A smaller pocket in the front may be used to hold business cards or cleaning solutions. Call (215) 884-8105, or go to www.guldenophthalmics.com.


Practice Management

Image Control Software

ImageSPECTRUM, by Canon, is a software package that allows the operator to access and store images and related data across various practice management software platforms. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, the operator can integrate the software into a pre-existing practice management system or network. The ImageSPECTRUM software package is DICOM-standard compliant. Call 516-328-5000, or go to www.usa.canon.com.  


Management Education

The Polycore Basics System, by Polycore Optical, is a business education system and tool that provides resources for eye-care practitioners on several topics, including profitability, staff training, customer loyalty and patient education. The system comes with the Basics Eye Guide, which can serve as a quick reference for patients; the Polycore Glare Demonstrator, which demonstrates the effects of polarized and anti-reflective lenses on glare; and the Basics System Staff Training Guide, a quick and simple guide for use in educating new opticians and staff. Call 1-800-396-1580, or go to www.polycore.com.


Inventory Selection

The new feature of eBuy, by Eyefinity, is Top Sellers. This tool allows users of the frame inventory purchasing and managing system to see which styles rank highest, based on order amount. The top five frames are ranked weekly. The eBuy system offers selections from nearly 200 collections of frames for practitioners to order. Top Sellers joins other features, such as My Dispensed and My Favorites, which track the quantity of frames sold in an individual practice. Call 1-877-481-4455, or go to www.eyefinity.com.  

Contact Lenses

Presbyopic Soft Lens

SaturEyes from Metro Optics is now available in two new configurations: Multifocal and Multifocal Toric. Made of hioxifilcon B with a 49% water content, these lenses do not dehydrate during extended wear, the company says. The lenses are available in base curves of 8.6mm and 8.9mm, a diameter of 14.2mm, powers ranging from +10.00D to -10.00D, and add powers up to +2.50D. The Multifocal Toric lens is also available in cylinder powers of -0.75D to -4.00D in 0.25D steps, and axes of 5 to 180 in 5 steps. All SaturEyes products are available in multi-packs. Call 1-800-223-1858, or go to http://www.metro-optics.com/.


What"s New on the Web
Presbyopia Resource

Presbyopes in Your Practice, a Web site organized by Bausch & Lomb, serves as a resource for eye-care practitioners about presbyopic patients and the vision-correction options that are available to them, such as multifocal contact lenses. Some of the tools on the site include:

A fitting video. This streaming video includes fitting tips for multifocal lenses.

Case studies. Articles and streaming videos detail the fitting process for fellow eye-care practitioners.

Market information. How can multifocal lenses grow your practice?

Patient information. The site provides downloadable educational materials for patients.

Go to http://www.presbyopesinyourpractice.com/.


Calvin Klein by Marchon

Marchon introduces a new collection of eyewear from Calvin Klein that features both ophthalmic and sun frames.

The sunwear group includes:

ck2086s, an oversized metal womens shield, which features a monochromatic logo hologram on the right lens. Logo treatments also appear on the temple tips. This frame is available in size 69/20-125 and in colors chrome/gray gradient lenses, gun/solid gray lenses and rose gold/solid gray lenses.

ck3071s, a plastic womens shield that is inspired by CK jewelry. The temples feature a cut-out charm logo detail with a single rhinestone. This frame is offered in size 62/17-120 and in colors Havana/brown lens, black /gray lens, blue/smoke lens, and violet/gray lens.

ck3068s, a womens urban zyl shield that features an abstract graffiti logo on the temples. This frame comes in size 72/20-120 and in colors Havana/brown lenses, black/gradient gray lenses and white/gray lenses.

ck3063s, a mens metal rectangular frame that features a signature logo button snap treatment on the temples. This frame is available in size 62/15-125 and in colors Havana/green lenses, black/gray lenses and crystal blue/gray lenses.

The ophthalmic frames include:

ck5566, a unisex retro square zyl frame. Its offered in size 48/19-140 and in colors black, striped gray, light Havana, striped green and blue.

ck5558, a rectangular zyl womens frame that features a logo pattern along the temples. This frame is available in sizes 50/13-135 and 52/13-135 and colors black/crystal, white/crystal, Havana/crystal, light blue/lime green and violet/crystal rose.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.


Dolce and Gabbana by Luxottica

Luxottica introduces Dolce and Gabbanas new collection of sun frames, which showcases a theme of understated luxury through the use of Swarovski crystals and hidden logo treatments.

The womens sun frames include:

DG 2044B, an oversized metal and plastic frame. The temples feature crystals set in a floral pattern. This frame is available in silver with black, nude, pearl gray or white with complementary lenses. (Sizes not yet available.)

DG 4027B, a modern square acetate frame that features rows of crystals set into the temples. It is offered in size 56/16-125 and in colors black, white, army green, light pink and scarlet red with matching lenses.

DG 6042B, a wraparound square acetate frame that features one vertical row of crystals on each temple. It comes in size 65/13-125 and in colors black, dark tobacco, white, red, pink and army green with corresponding lenses.

The mens sun frames include:

DG 2028Q, a metal aviator that features complementary leather inserts over the bridge. This frame is available in size 66/11-130 and in colors silver, bronze and dark brown.

DG 2047, a classic metal and plastic aviator that features a double-bar bridge. The face of the frame is metal, and the temples are encased in plastic. This frame is available in size 58/15-135 and in colors black/gold, silver/white and gold/tortoise.

DG 4025, a classic deep acetate frame. It is offered in size 59/18-135 and in colors black, light or dark tobacco, army green and gray with lens colors smoke or brown.

Call 1-800-434-3800, or go to www.luxottica.com.

Guess Eyewear by Viva International

Viva International Group presents a new group of mens ophthalmic eyewear from Guess Eyewear. The frames in Defined Expressions, mix satin and matte metal finishes with plastic details and logo temple endpieces.

This grouping includes:

GU 1525, a modern rectangular frame that features tapered metal temples and a streamlined plastic top bar. It is available in size 54/17-140 and in black/gunmetal, crystal/white/silver and tortoise/brown.

GU 1526, a semi-rimless rectangular frame that also features the mixed media and detailing. It is offered in size 52/17-140 and in colors satin black, satin brown, gunmetal and silver.

GU 1526, a full-rimmed rectangular frame with a metal face and plastic temple detailing. It comes in size 53/15-140 and in colors satin black, satin brown and gunmetal.

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.


Magic Clip by Viva International

Viva International Group debuts a womens series of frames from Magic Clip. The frames that are part of Leopard Ladies feature semi-rimless metal faces, plastic temples and animal print details highlighted with crystal accents. The frames also include spring hinges and magnetic clip-on sun lenses.

Leopard Ladies includes:

M 356, a pillow-shaped frame that is available in size 53/18-135 and in black (gray clip), burgundy (gray clip) and satin brown (brown clip).

M 357, a modified soft rectangle, offered in size 53/17-135 and in black (gray clip), brown (brown clip) and burgundy (gray lens).

M 358, a deep rectangular frame that comes in size 53/17-135 and in back (gray clip) and satin brown (brown clip).

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.

Vol. No: 145:03Issue: 3/14/2008