Diagnostic Technology

Handheld Tonometer

The iCare tonometer, by Tiolat Oy of Finland, distributed in the United States by Diagnostic Instrument Group (DIG), uses a small probe with induction-based rebound technology. It makes brief contact with the cornea and records IOP within microseconds. Since it only touches the cornea for such a brief amount of time, the company says, anesthetic drops are unnecessary, and cornea reflux is rarely caused.

The tonometer uses single-use, disposable probes, so risk of contamination is decreased. For DIG, call (813) 926-3447, or go to www.edigonline.com.


Vision Exam

The Functional Vision Analyzer, by Stereo Optical Company, Inc., includes contrast sensitivity tests that use sine wave gratings under variable conditions. Also, the included EyeView software creates a representative image of the patients functional vision under various light conditions. The analyzer tests monocular and binocular visual acuity at near, mid-range and distance; contrast sensitivity under day or night conditions, with or without glare; stereopsis; color perception; and potential acuity.

Call 1-800-344-9500, or go to www.stereooptical.com or www.functionalvisionanalyzer.com.



The APS 200 Automated Perimeter, by Reichert, Inc., includes a screening test, a flicker test, and a blue-on-yellow test (short wavelength automated perimetry, or SWAP). This perimeter can also test for neurological defects, monitor diplopia, and perform a binocular acuity test. Results are presented in customizable graphs and can be viewed in 3-D, age-norm deviation or grayscale.

Call (716) 686-4500, or go to www.reichertoi.com.

Dry Eye


MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula, part of the MaxiVision line by MedOp, Inc., is a dietary supplement that includes balanced amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as turmeric root and mucin complex. These nutrients demonstrate reduction of dry eye symptoms and increase tear production.

Free samples and brochures are available to eye-care practitioners. Call 1-888-290-6294, or go to www.medop.com.

Ophthalmic Lenses

Progressive Lens

The Varilux Comfort 360 lens, by Essilor of America, Inc., features a unique design on the back of the lens for each patients prescription. This design is applied by Essilors 360 Digital Surfacing technology services and allows the prescription to be equally distributed over both sides of the lens, which provides for wide fields of vision and reduced peripheral distortion.

In the Airwear format, these lenses are available in clear or in Transitions gray and from -9.00D to +6.00D with cylinder up to -4.00D and add powers from +0.75D to +3.00D. In the 1.50-index plastic format, the Comfort 360 lenses are available in clear, Transitions next-gen gray and Transitions next-gen brown and from -9.00D to +7.00D with cylinder of up to -4.00D and add powers from +0.75D to +3.50D.

All Comfort 360 lenses include Crizal anti-reflectivhttp://www.varilux.com/e technology. Call 1-800-377- 4567, or go to www.varilux.com.


What"s New on the Web
Consumer Eyeglass Guide

The Transitions Online Marketing (TOM) Tool includes new features to help practitioners remind their patients that lens selection is as important as frame selection.

The TOM Tool includes in-office point-of-purchase materials, as well as several direct mail options. These items include a postcard, newsletter and flyer. These can be customized free-of-charge for use in any practice. Each patient mailer also directs patients to Transitions online Eyeglass Guide (www.eyeglassguide.com), which provides information about various lens options. Go to http://www.transitionstom.com/.


Ventana by Marchon

Marchon introduces Ventana, a new line of womens ophthalmic frames that is influenced by Southwestern style. This collection includes:

V600, a soft rectangular frame with a laminated zyl front and metal temples. The temples feature a scrolling pattern. This frame is available in sizes 52/16/135 and 54/16/140 and in colors ebony/amber, caramel/sky, eggplant/amber and red hot/horn.

V200, an uplifted oval metal frame that features a delicate scroll pattern on the temples with small stones inset. This style is available in sizes 52/17/135 and 54/17/135 and in colors silverado, copper canyon, violet quartz and soft burgundy.

V202, a geometric rectangular frame with a metal front and stitched-leather temples a pattern reminiscent of snakeskin. It is available in sizes 53/15/140 and 55/15/140 and in colors night sky/black leather, silverado/black, earth/brown python and mesa brown/rawhide.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.  

Chaps by Luxottica

Luxottica presents a new line of womens ophthalmic frames by Chaps. This collection includes:

CP 2026, a semi-rimless metal teacup-shaped frame. The flat face of the frame is contrasted by wavy temples. This style is available in size 51/17-140 and in colors wine, cocoa and matte honey.

CP 3011, a deep rectangular zyl frame with narrow temples. This frame is offered in size 50/16-135 and in colors burgundy tortoise, brown tortoise and black/lavender.

CP 2020, a deep oval metal frame. This frame features clean, slim lines and smooth detailing. It comes in size 48/17-135 and in colors wheat, plum and cocoa.

Call 1-800-434-3800, or go to www.luxottica.com.


Gant Eyewear by Viva International

Viva International Group debuts a new group of womens eyewear by Gant. This plastic duo features two-tone hues and an open V temple design. This group includes:

GW Dorthe, an oval frame that is available in size 52/15-135 and in colors black/crystal, black/tortoise and brown.

GW Renee, a rectangular frame that is available in size 52/15-135 and in colors black/crystal, black/tortoise and mauve.

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.

Vol. No: 145:02Issue: 2/15/2008