Diagnostic Technology

Applanation Tonometer

The Tono-Pen Avia, by Reichert, Inc., is an ergonomic tonometer that features an LCD screen on both sides and a molded grip. It allows the practitioner to take a reading in any position, the company says. The Tono-Pen Avia uses a 1.0mm transducer tip and microprocessors to take 10 independent readings and provide a statistical confidence index.

     Call (716) 686-4500, or go to www.tonopenavia.com.


Automated Fundus Camera

The AFC-210 Pro Photographer, by Nidek, Inc., is an auto-focus, auto-alignment non-mydriatic fundus camera. It takes 45-degree images without cropping and features high-resolution 12.8 megapixel image capabilities. The camera meets government criteria for diabetic retinopathy screening, the company says.

     Call 1-800-223-9044, or go to www.usa.nidek.com.



The Z-View Aberrometer, by Ophthonix, uses wavefront technology to map the patients optical fingerprint. It analyzes lower- and higher-order aberrations (from second-order aberrations through sixth-order aberrations), sphere, cylinder and axis. The instrument then converts these measurements into a digital prescription for use in iZon high-resolution lenses, also by Ophthonix.

     Call (858) 869-2100, or go to www.ophthonix.com.


Fluorescein strips

Fluorescein GloStrips 1.0mg, by Amcon Laboratories, aid in fluorescein staining of the eye when fitting contacts, examining corneal injury or measuring applanation tonometry.

     The strips are available in packages of 100, and each strip is individually wrapped.
     Call (314) 961-2500, or go to www.amconlabs.com.

Test Card

The Computer Screen Clip-on Test Card, by Gulden Ophthalmics, may be used to test patients vision at the distance and height that they commonly use a computer. This card features sentences to be read by the patient. It may be used to pre-measure a patients prescription, confirm the prescription, or reassure the patient that a new prescription will be effective, the company says.

     Call (215) 884-8105, or go to www.guldenophthalmics.com.


Ophthalmic Lenses

AR Sun Tints

Crizal Sun Tints, by Essilor of America, Inc., are now available for Crizal Sun anti-reflective tinted ophthalmic lenses. The new tints: gray, gray-green, brown and black. Each tint is available in grades 0 to 3 (ranging from lightest to darkest).

     Crizal Sun lenses feature the Crizal Aliz hardcoat and hydrophobic layers on the front, while the back of the lens includes these two as well as the anti-reflective layer. The Crizal Sun Tint is integrated into the lens itself.

     Call (214) 496-4463, or go to www.essilorusa.com.


Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Lenses

Proclear 1-Day, by CooperVision, are daily disposable contact lenses. These lenses have a 60% water content. They are made of omafilcon A and feature a handling tint and molded round edges.

     Proclear 1-Day lenses are available in strengths of -20.00D to +20.00D, with an 8.7mm base curve and a 14.2mm diameter.

     Call 1-800-341-2020, or go to www.coopervision.com.

Practice Management

Communication Platform

ConnectionManager, by EMR Logic, is an internal web browser for use with the companys OD Professional practice management software. This browser connects directly to the Internet to download or send information, images and data from diagnostic instruments to and from the practices database.

     Call 1-866-367-2899, or go to www.odprofessional.com.


Product Simulator

The Volk Product Simulator, by Volk Optical, is a CD-ROM of product-comparison computer animations. In a side-by-side format, the specifications of each lens are discussed, and images of each lens are presented. Also, the lenses are compared by range and static field of view.

     This simulator is available free of charge to eye-care professionals. Call 1-800-345-8655, or go to www.volk.com.


Tools for the Blind

Braille Products

The Alva BC640, distributed by VisionCue, is a console with a smooth-surface refreshable Braille display that features wireless note-taking capabilities. The console can link with a laptop computer or PDA via Bluetooth or USB port. Also, the console includes an optional screenreader that doesnt require soft-ware installation.

     The Optelec EasyLink12, also distributed by VisionCue, is a wireless Braille personal digital assistant that is compatible with all desktop and pocket screen readers. It includes a refreshable Braille display and features Bluetooth access to a PC or PDA.

     Call 1-888-318-2582, or go to www.visioncue.com.

What"s New on the Web
AFB Senior Site

The American Foundation for the Blind has launched the AFB Senior Site, an online resource for patients with low vision, as well as their family members. This Web site presents instructional videos, tips and testimonials. One such feature is the Top Ten E-Z Home Eye-deas, which includes such tips as: Paint door frames and light switches in a contrasting color to the walls around them.

     Also, the format and font size of the site may be adjusted for ease of reading. Go to www.afb.org/seniorsite.

Nautica by Marchon

Marchon introduces a new collection by Nautica: Navigate Life. This collection consists of modified aviators and navigators. It includes:

Drifter, a mens plastic and rubber modified navigator frame that floats in water. It is available in colors matte orange, matte yellow, tortoise, navy, coal, white and translucent and in size 60/17-125.

Passport, a mens metal aviator that folds at the bridge and mid-temple. It is available in colors white, yellow, navy, matte black and gold and in size 61/12-135.

Explorer, a mens metal navigator that features leather accents at the temples and bridge. It is available in colors brown with brown leather, coal (dark gray) with black leather, black with tan leather and light gold with tan leather and in size 59/19-135.

Voyager, a unisex plastic aviator that features a metal bar accent above the bridge. It is available in colors tortoise, black horn, blonde tortoise and olive and in size 60/13-130.

Tracker, a mens plastic modified aviator. It is available in colors tortoise, navy, coal and suede and in size 60/13-130.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.

Tommy Hilfiger by Viva International

Viva International introduces a new mens ophthalmic grouping. This trio of frames each features a metal face with plastic temples and a flag logo treatment on the left temple. Also, each frame in this grouping includes flex hinges and adjustable nose pads. They are available in brown, black, gunmetal, navy and silver. This grouping includes:

TH 3200, an updated rectangular frame that is available in size 49/17-140.

TH 3201, a classic rectangular frame that is available in size 51/17-145.

TH 3202, a semi-rimless rectangular frame that is available in size 50/19-145.

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.  


Mattel by REM Eyewear

REM Eyewear presents a line of young girls eyewear by Mattel, based on the Barbie brand. This collection includes:

B-320, a modified pillow-shaped metal frame that features contrasting engraved hearts and flowers on the temples. This frame is available in colors blueberry, burgundy and violet and in sizes 44/17-120 and 47/17-125.

B-324, a geometric rectangular monel and zyl frame that features a patterned temple treatment. It is available in colors berry blast, grapevine and sand castle and in sizes 44/17-120 and 46/17-125.

B-326, a modified pillow-shaped monel and zyl frame that features a temple treatment of crystals and flowers. This style is available in colors whisper blue, ginger ale and strawberry cream and in sizes 43/17-120 and 45/17-125.

B-510, a modified oval two-tone zyl frame that features a temple treatment of engraved hearts. It is available in colors black ribbon (black and pink), ginger bread (black and yellow) and grape soda (black and purple) and in size 45/15-125.

B-803, a modified pillow-shaped metal frame that features a temple treatment of raised flowers. It is available in colors brown, rose and violet and in size 43/17-120.

Call 1-800-423-3023, or go to www.remeyewear.com.


Vogue Eyewear by Luxottica

Luxottica introduces the newest womens collection of the Gisele Plays with Vogue line. This line includes:

VO 2459 SB, an oversized wraparound mask-shaped sunglass made of propionate that features a crystal temple treatment. It is available in colors black with gray fade lenses, cherry with rose fade lenses and eggplant with gray fade lenses and in size 96/12-120.

VO 2463 S, an oversized propionate modified aviator that features a double-bar nose bridge. It is available in colors black with gray fade lenses, antique gold with brown fade lenses and demi-amber with brown lenses and in size 69/15-120.

Call 1-800-434-3800, or go to www.luxottica.com.  


Versace by Luxottica

Luxottica introduces a new sunglass for the Vertigo collection by Versace. The Vertigo sunglass, VE 4110 B, features a crystal temple treatment reminiscent of another Versace line, Medusa. This oversized plastic frame is available in colors tortoise with brown fade lenses, black with gray fade lenses, bright white with gray fade lenses and purple with gray fade lenses.**

Call 1-800-434-3800, or go to www.luxottica.com.  


Street Series by Wiley X

Wiley X introduces the new unisex Street Series, a grouping of ANSI-certified wraparound grilamid sunglasses that feature the WX logo. This series includes:

Revolvr, a slim wraparound frame that is available in colors glossy black with smoke lenses or tortoise with bronze lenses.**

Slik, a square wraparound frame that is available in colors glossy black with smoke lenses and tortoise with bronze lenses and in size 60/16-120.

WX Stryker, a classic wraparound frame that is available in glossy black with smoke lenses and in size 65/14-125.

Call 1-800-776-7842, or go to www.wileyx.com.


** Sizing not currently available.

Vol. No: 144:06Issue: 6/15/2007