Ophthalmic Lenses

Photochromic Lenses

Drivewear lenses, from Younger Optics and Transitions Optical, are polarized photochromic lenses that darken when your patients wear them behind a cars windshield. These lenses darken to three shades, depending on the weather conditions. They become green/yellow in low light, copper in daylight and dark reddish-brown outdoors. Also, the lenses use NuPolar polarizing technology to protect against glare. Call 1-800-877-5367, or go to

Lens Line

The Clear Choice line, from Optical Distribution Corporation, includes these new lenses:

A polarized CR-39, available in powers -5.00D to +5.00D.

A tintable polarized CR-39 flat-top 28 bifocal, available from -3.00D to +5.50D, with additions of +1.00D to +3.00D in 0.25D increments.

A polarized short-corridor progressive, Short1, available from -3.00D to +5.50D with a cylinder range of up to -3.00D and additions of +1.00D to +3.00D.

A tintable high-index flat-top 28 bifocal, available from -10.00D to +5.00D, with additions of +1.00D to +3.50D in 0.25D increments.

Call 1-888-407-3937, or go to www.rodenstockusa.com.

Before Clear Choice (left) and after Clear Choice (right).

Contact Lenses

Irregular Cornea Lenses

Rose K2 IC (Irregular Cornea) gas permeable contact lenses, from Blanchard Contact Lens, are designed for patients who have pellucid marginal degeneration, globus keratoconus, post-graft ectasia and LASIK-induced ectasia.

The standard diameter of the lens is 11.2mm, although diameters of 9.4mm to 12mm are also available. The Rose K2 ICs base curve ranges from 6.00mm to 9.00mm in 0.10mm steps, and the lenses are available in any power. A diagnostic fitting set is available.
Call 1-800-367-4009, or go to www.blanchardlab.com.

Lab Equipment

Edger Drill

The Alta Edger Drill, from Briot, features a new design that allows it to tilt up to 30 to accommodate lenses with high base curves. The design also adjusts the groove and front or back bevel automatically. The Alta drills rimless holes and slots with an accuracy of 0.1mm, Briot says. Call 1-800-292-7468, or go to www.briot-usa.com.

What"s New on the Web

Practice Management Training
The MBA Web site, from the Management and Business Academy, offers practice management materials, tips, and guidelines. The site is sponsored by CIBA Vision and Essilor of America. Registration is required. Call (630) 416-8676, or go to

Dry Eye

Protective Eyewear

DryEyeWear, from Panoptx, is designed to prevent dry eye via its patented orbital foam seal. The seal completely encloses the eye while filtering air through, creating a sealed moisture chamber for each eye, the company says.

DryEyeWear is also available with prescription lenses, from 3.00D sphere and up to -2.00D cylinder.
Call (925) 484-0292, or go to www.panoptx.com.

Practice Management

Claims Interface

An interface for Vision Service Plan (VSP) claims submissions has been added to OD Professional by
EMRlogic and Eyefinity. Users can now electronically submit VSP claims, non-VSP insurance claims and lab orders. Call 1-866-367-2899, or go to www.odprofessional.com.

Display System

The Versa Wall collection, from Eye Designs, is a space-friendly, wall-mounted display system designed for use in the dispensary or other sections of your office. The display pieces have a neutral finish. Call 1-800-346-8890, or go to www.eyedesigns.com.

Exam Equipment

Hand-Held Tonometer

The hand-held, battery-powered Tono-Pen XL applanation tonometer, from Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments, weighs 2.25 ounces and features a 1.0mm transducer tip. The pen uses micro-strain gauge technology and displays the average of four independent readings, along with the statistical coefficient. Call 1-888-849-8955, or go to


DKNY by Luxottica
Luxottica introduces six new frames by DKNY:

DY 4531, a womens zyl and Monel frame that has a narrow rectangular shape. It is available in sizes 50/16-135 and 52/16-135, and comes in colors light brown/beige with copper temples, black/blue with pewter temples, black/vanilla horn with black temples and eggplant/mango with copper temples.

DY 5530B, a unisex Monel and zyl frame that has a soft rectangular shape. It features neutral tones with coordinating temples. This frame is available in sizes 49/17-140 and 51/17-140, and in colors natural with black temples, black with white temples/white stripe and light brown with coffee temples.

DY 4533B, a womens soft rectangular zyl frame. It is available in sizes 50/16-135 and 52/16-135, and in colors amber, eggplant, mango and black with a white stripe.

DY 4533B

DY 5531, a womens semi-rimless metal frame that has a soft rectangular shape. It is available in sizes 49/17-135 and 51/17-135, and in colors pewter, black, navy and copper.
DY 5532, a womens frame made of Monel that has a full-rim soft rectangular shape. It is available in sizes 51/16-135 and 53/16-135, and in colors black/frost, black/honey, navy/frost and amber/honey.

DY 5533, a metal unisex frame in a rectangular shape. This frame is available in sizes 50/16-135 and 52/16-135, and in colors pewter with black/frost temple tips, black with black/honey temple tips and copper with amber/honey temple tips.

Call 1-800-484-3800, or go to www.luxottica.com.

ck Calvin Klein Eyewear by Marchon
Marchon introduces three new sunwear frames by ck Calvin Klein. The sunwear line now includes:

ck1066S, a unisex shield-shaped metal frame. It features a rimless bridge and is
available in size 78/20-120 and in colors black/gray with flash silver lenses, gunmetal with gray lenses and light brown with gold mirror lenses.


ck1067S, a unisex oversized-shield metal frame. It features the ck logo on the left temple and is available in size 72/20-115 and in colors chrome with gradient blue-gray lenses, gunmetal with gray lenses, java with gradient bordeaux lenses and rose gold with brown lenses.
ck1057S, a metal and zyl rectangular frame for men. It features the ck logo on the temples and is available in size 58/15-125 and in colors Havana (light brown) with brown-gray lenses, black with gray lenses, titan (gray) with gradient gray lenses and russet with gradient brown lenses.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.

Vol. No: 143:12Issue: 12/15/2006