ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc., recently introduced a 2.5-mL bottle size for Istalol. Istalol is a once-a-day ophthalmic beta-blocker indicated for the treatment of elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma. The company says that its unique potassium sorbate formulation of Istalol optimizes ocular bioavailability, achieving three times the amount of active ingredient in the anterior chamber at 30 minutes post dose versus standard timolol, thereby reducing systemic absorption. Non-blurring, q.d. dosing provides efficacy, convenience and economy as initial or adjunctive therapy. According to ISTA, Istalol is the only BT-rated ophthalmic beta-blocker (generics and other timolol maleate solutions are not bioequivalent, they say). The new bottle size means Istalol is now available in 5-mL and 2.5mL bottles.

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Ophthalmic Video Camera

MediLive Trio Eye, from Carl Zeiss, is a three-chip video camera for ophthalmic surgeries. During procedures that involve minimal light on the posterior segment of the eye, you and the surgeons with whom you comanage can still see bright, high-contrast images on the devices monitor, the company says. Also, when used during anterior segment procedures, the MediLive Trio Eye provides details of the sclera without the blooming effect that can occur from brightness in the operating room.
The MediLive Trio Eye has preset configurations for the posterior and anterior segments. Individual settings can be saved and recalled at the push of a button. The assorted camera configurations for Superlux Eye xe-non illumination and halogen illumination can also be saved this way.
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What"s New On The Web

Education Tools on Drug Ocular Side Effects

Transitions Optical offers four tools to educate you and your patients about the types of medications that may cause adverse ocular effects:

         Ocular Effects Associated with Medications. This reference guide, developed by ocular pharmacologist and author, Siret D. Jaanus, Ph.D, lists names of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical classes that may affect your patients eyes. To obtain a copy of this guide, call 1-800-848-1506.

         Ocular Side Effects Database. Offered on, this database includes a listing of brand name drugs and details about each drugs visual side effects. Type the drug name in the search bar, and you can quickly determine if the drug(s) your patient use(s) can affect his or her vision.

         In-office counter card and patient newsletter. These items encourage patients to discuss with you the medications they take as well as other ocular health factors, such as family history, age, medical conditions and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. To customize these tools, go to

          Medications Awareness Tool kit. This Kit offers ways in which you can learn more about the potential visual risks associated with certain drugs, how to discuss medications during the patients eye exam and how to employ patient education tools to bolster the message. To obtain the kit, call

Exam Equipment

Eye Model

The Timberlake Eye Model, from Gulden
Ophthalmics, teaches fundoscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, direct ophthalmoscopy and how to use fundus lenses with a slit lamp.

The plastic model, named for George T. Timberlake Ph.D., of the University of Kansas Medical Center, features changeable pupil sizes (fully dilated 8mm and completely undilated 2mm) and a calibrating scale that enables you to set the eye from -8.00D to +8.00D to hypermetropia. The model also comes with insertable images of multiple retinal pathologies.

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Practice Management

Rotating Kiosk Bulletin Tower

The RotoCube Rotating Kiosk Bulletin Tower, from Magnatag Visible Systems, is a freestanding, four-sided organizational system that enables you to display large amounts of information anywhere in your office, the company says.

The 78-inch high bulletin tower silently turns with a finger touch in either direction in a 27-inch circle, and its four panels contain 24 square feet of display space. Also, you can choose from 13 different panels, including plain or printed five-day, seven-day or monthly calendars; magnetic white boards; fabric; card; cork; photo and plastic file folder holders; and custom-printed steel whiteboards.
The tower is topped off with a customizable marquee for printed, replaceable titles for each of the four sides.
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Office Design

The Oasis line of displays and furnishings, from Fashion Optical Displays, offers an array of optional configurations that enable you to customize your dispensary, the company says.

The Oasis is available in various hardwoods and decorative laminates. It comes in a wall- or full-sized frame display with a choice of two or three panels. There are three options for these panels: Shadow Reduction Technology (SRT) (see Product Review, August 15, 2006), a slat wall or a full-panel mirror.

Other features of the Oasis line: a two- or three-door credenza that has brushed stainless horizontal door handles and double and single adjustable dispensing tables with taborets that feature a tool/pencil drawer and storage cabinet.

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Contact Lenses

Toric Progressive Upgrade

The HDX Toric Progressive, from PolyVue Distribution Inc., is now available in a
-1.50 cylinder power, allowing the lens to be fit on patients who require up to -2.25 cylinder requirement. (The -1.50 can be fit on patients with up to -2.25 cylinder, thanks to the aberration-reducing High Definition optics.) The HDX Toric Progressive is stabilized with a prism ballast to provide consistent vision at all distances, the company says. The lens also incorporates patented aberration-control optics.

PolyVue offers a free fitting set of the HDX Progressive, which are effective in masking astigmatism up to
-0.75 diopter. For those who have higher cylinder, over-refract and order toric trials, the company says.
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Daily Disposable

1 Day Acuvue Moist, from Vistakon, is a new daily disposable lens featuring Lacreon technology. This technology permanently embeds a water-holding ingredient similar to that found in natural tears into the etafilcon A material of the lens for longer patient comfort, the company says.

Also, the lens blocks 82% of UVA radiation and 97% of UVB radiation. It is FDA approved for use in patients who have ocular allergy symptoms during contact lens wear.

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Ophthalmic Lenses

Polarized Sunglass Colors

Sunglass polarizers, from International Polarizer, are now available in two new colors: dark- and medium green. The polarizers absorb more than 99.8% of UVB (280nm to 315nm) and 99% of UVA radiation (315nm to 380nm) and minimize glare, the company says.

The polarizers feature multi-layer construction de-signed to provide durable, long-lasting color, International Polarizer says. The middle layer contains a polarizer, while dyes are added to other layers for lower
transmission and color. The outer layer contains abrasion-resistant coatings.
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Vogue by Luxottica

The Luxottica Group introduces two womens sunglass frames from the Vogue Spring/Summer 2006 Collection:

         VO2411S, made of plastic in an elongated oval shape. It comes in colors black with gray/green mirror lenses and black and peach with gray fade lenses in size 64/14-120.

         VO3555SB, made of monel in an aviator-style shape. It comes in colors black with gray mirror polycarbonate lenses, dark pewter with gray fade APX lenses, and black and white with grey fade APX lenses. One size67/11-120is available. This sunglass frame features Swarovsky crystals inset in the double bridge.

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Style VO2411

Sferoflex by Luxottica

The Luxottica Group introduces five new frames from Sferoflex:

         SF 1106, a unisex zyl plastic frame in a hard rectangular shape. It comes in the color combinations brown/black and gray/black and in sizes 57/17-140 and 53/17-140.

         SF 1514, a womens zyl plastic frame in a thin rectangular shape. It comes in colors rose/sunflower, lite seafoam and beige shimmer and in sizes 51/15-135 and 53/15-135.

         SF 2176, a unisex metal frame in a rounded rectangular shape. It comes in colors sat black, dark pewter, brown and in sizes 5/19-140 and 54/19-140.

         SF 2177, a unisex metal frame in an oval shape. It comes in colors gold electro-plated (GEP), bronze, dark pewter, cordovan and in sizes 50/19-140 and 52/19-140.

         SF 2175, a unisex monel/zyl frame in a large oval shape. It comes in colors sat black, dark pewter, GEP and bronze and in sizes 51/18-140.

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Style 1106
Style 1514
Bongo by Viva International

Viva International Group introduces the Skinny Mini metal
collection for girls from Bongo Eyewear. Styles include:

         B Fun, a modified oval-shaped frame. It comes in colors black, brown and pink and in size 48/18-135.

         B Wild, a modified rectangular-shaped frame. It comes in colors brown, burgundy and purple and in size 49/48-135.

Both frames feature spring hinges and wave detailing on the temple.

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Styles B Fun and B Wild

Ecko Unltd. by Viva International

Viva International Group introduces the Kids Rule unisex metal collection from Ecko Unltd. The collection includes:

         4010, a soft-rectangular-shaped frame that comes in colors blue, brown and red and in size 46/17-130.

         4011, a modified rectangular-shaped frame that comes in colors brown, blue and gunmetal and in size 45/17-130.

         4012, a modified-oval-shaped frame that comes in colors purple, pink and brown and in size 44/16-125.

All frames feature adjustable nose pads, spring hinges, plastic temple tips and the Ecko rhino logo on the temples.

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Frames in Ecko"s "Kids Rule" collection come with this protective case.

Power Rangers by Marchon

Marchon Eyewear introduces four boys frames from the Pow
er Rangers Mystic Force collection:

         Power Rangers 1 is a modified oval shaped frame made of monel that comes in colors black hole, galaxy gunmetal, blue storm and crater (a brown color) and in sizes 43/16-120 and 45/16-125. This frame features the dinotransformer head on its end piece and the Power Rangers breast plate on the temples.

         Power Rangers 2 is a modified rectangle shaped frame made of monel that comes in colors cosmic charcoal, meteorite (a silvery grey), crater and blue storm and in sizes 44/16-120 and 46/16-125. This frame features the dinotransformer head on its end piece, the Power Ranger sword incorporated into the temple design and the Power Ranger shield on the temple tip.

         Power Rangers 3 is a modified rectangle shaped frame made of monel that comes in colors samurai green, mystic force blue, aquitar (aqua) and forever red, and in sizes 44/16-120 and 46/16-125.

         Power Rangers 4 is a modified rectangle shaped frame made of monel that comes in colors mystic force blue, aquitar, forever red and yellow crystal flash action ice (gunmetal front with bright yellow temples) and in sizes 44/16-120 and 46/16-125.
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"It"s Morphin" Time!"

500 Series by Marchon

Marchon Eyewear Inc. introduces three aluminum frames from its 500 series:

         M55OAL, a unisex, semi-rimless, soft-rectangular-shaped-frame. It comes in colors caf, amber, gunmetal and black and in sizes 50/18-135 and 52/18-135.

         M551AL, a unisex, full rim style large soft rectangular-shaped frame. It comes in colors matte black, mocha, ruby and amethyst and in sizes 48/17-130 and 50/17-135.

         M552AL, a womens modified oval-shaped frame. It comes in colors mocha, caf, amethyst and ruby and in size 47/18-130 and 49/18-130.

All frames feature a linear one-piece temple. The lack of a temple tip creates a smooth sculptural quality, the company says.

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Styles M551AL, M552AL, and M550AL

C-Mates by Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar introduces the C-Mates bifocal reading prescription polarized sunglass line so that patients do not have to switch back and forth between their sunglasses and reading glasses. The lenses, which offer 100% UV protection, are available in either amber or gray. Two reading powers are available: +1.75D and +2.50D.

Patients can choose from an array of Costa Del Mar frame styles, such as:

         Harpoon, a TR-90 nylon frame for men. This frame is a wrapped rectangular shape. It comes in colors shiny black and tortoise and in size 60/22-120.

         Fathom, another TR-90 nylon frame for men. This frame features Hydrolite (a form of nylon) as part of the proprietary co-injected process and comes in a wrapped soft rectangular shape. It comes in colors matte black, midnight blue, orange and silver and in size 60/17-133.

        Vela, a TR-90 nylon frame for women in an oversized soft square shape. It comes in colors shiny tortoise, black and cherry wood in size 53/17.5-125.

Call (386) 677-3700, or go to

Style Harpoon
Style Vela

Try Change by Allison USA

Try Change, from Allison USA, is an interchangeable eyewear system made of plastic and available in 36 styles. These include colors, such as olive green, red and purple, and patterns, such as tortoise.

Try Change"s interchangeable parts and many colors.

Try Change eyewear system is composed of two temples with a matching nose bridge that fit together, allowing patients who wear one of the companys 14 differently shaped and sized rimless lenses to match the color of their eyewear with their wardrobe. Call 1-877-255-5757, or go to

Vol. No: 143:10Issue: 10/15/2006