Exam Equipment

External Eyelid Retractor

The Eyegenie, from Wilson Ophthalmic, is an external eyelid retractor for doctor and patient use that is made of medical grade engineered plastic with a soft medical grade overmold on the tips. You can use the 4.25-inch instrument during a contact lens evaluation, slit lamp exam or tonometry. Also, the Eyegenie can assist in the application of ointment and eye drops and the insertion and removal of contact lenses.
The Eyegenies tips are disposable. You can get a 50 disposable tip set that includes three handles or a 100 disposable tip set that includes five handles.
Call 1-800-222-2020, or go to www.wilsonophthalmic.com.

Diagnostic Lens

The Digital High Mag lens, from Volk Optical, is a 1.3x magnification double aspheric slit lamp lens that provides thorough 3D views of the retina for general diagnostic purposes and to aid in the early detection of glaucoma.
The 55D lens produces 3D topographical views of the peripapillary nerve fiber layer and has a stereopsis that enables discovery of optic disc swelling and cupping and serous macular fluid.
In addition, the diagnostic lens has a low dispersion glass construction that reduces chromatic aberration, allowing for high-resolution imaging, as well as an anti-reflective coating, which reduces reflections and glare to generate clear digital slit lamp photographs.

Call 1-800-345-8655, or go to www.volk.com.


Portable Slit Lamp

The PSL Portable Slit Lamp, from Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments, is a handheld 1.5 pound slit lamp that is ideal for non-ambulatory patients, as it can be used on any patient in any position.
The device comes with 10x and 16x magnification eyepieces and uses a high luminance light-emitting diode light (LED) that has a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more with no replacement bulbs. In addition, the PSL Portable Slit Lamp comes with a carrying case, battery charger and two rechargeable batteries that can power the device for up to two hours.
Call (716) 686-4500, or go to www.reichertoi.com.


Vision Assessment System

The OPD-Scan II, from Nidek, is a vision assessment system that offers corneal topography, wavefront, autorefraction, keratometry and pupillometry.
The device assesses and determines refractive error map measurements using the principles of skiascopic phase difference. The corneal topography function uses Placido disc technology to study thousands of data points to plot corneal contour, shape and refractive power. In addition, the OPD-Scan II provides detailed information on the total refractive error, wavefront, corneal shape, internal aberrations and overall visual state of the eye via an array of informative data maps. The device also includes the Corneal Navigator, which automatically determines corneal features using an array of corneal parameters from topography to instantly reveal possible corneal conditions.
Call 1-800-223-9044, or go to www.usa.nidek.com.  


Contact Lens Treatments

Plasma Purified

Plasma Purified, from Essilor Laboratories of America, is a plasma treatment that uses electrical energy to alter the molecular structure of the Paragon HDS Technology and FluoroPerm gas permeable materials to make them more wettable and comfortable than before.
Other contact lenses and intraocular lenses have been successfully transformed by plasma treatment to deliver protein and cell-repelling characteristics, improve wettability and improve patient comfort, the company says.
Call 1-800-366-3933, or go to www.essilor.com.

Cold Oxygen Plasma Treatment

Bausch & Lomb received FDA approval to add a cold oxygen plasma treatment to the development process of Boston material gas permeable lenses.

This treatment process inundates the lens surface with ions in a vacuum. This process may decrease lens hydration time by reducing the wetting angle and improving the level of comfort without altering the finished lens properties, the company says.
After the Boston material gas permeable lens undergoes plasma treatment, the lens is placed in a Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution-filled vial for shipment to your office.

Call 1-800-553-5340, or go to www.bausch.com.


Dry Eye

Meibomian Paddle

The Mastrota Meibomian Paddle, from Cynacon/Ocusoft, is a smooth-edged titanium paddle designed to gently express meibum from the meibomian glands. The paddle was developed in an effort to minimize iatrogenic conjunctival trauma and reduce the discomfort of meibomian gland expression, says its inventor, Katherine M. Mastrota, O.D.
To use the paddle, position it behind the anesthetized eyelid parallel to the meibomian glands. Then, gently apply digital pressure on the outer lid.
Call 1-800-233-5469, or go to www.ocusoft.com.


Practice Management

Client Success Program

OD Professional Proaction, from EMRlogic Systems, Inc., is a client success program that provides you with education, consulting and supportive services so you can achieve consistent best practices in your optometry office to guarantee practice success and not just software functionality, the company says.
The customizable program handles all the facets of your practice, such as the management of your business, the dispensary and the management of the clinical aspects of your practice.
Call 1-866-623-5644, or go to www.odprofessional.com.


What"s New on the Web

Specialty Contact Lens Site

Specialty-lenses.com, from CIBA Vision, is a new specialty lens web site to help both U.S. and Canadian practitioners fit patients who require such problem-solving/specialized lenses as the Cibasoft Progressive Toric or the Durasoft 3 prosthetic.
The new site includes fitting assistance, product information, consultation and ordering. It allows you to download materials useful for the specialty lens fitting process.
Call 1-800-241-5999, or go to http://www.specialty-lenses.com.


Shadow Reduction Panels

Shadow Reduction Technology (SRT), from Fashion Optical Displays, enables patients to see a crisp presentation of your dispensarys eyewear via the companys many custom and handcrafted furnishings.
SRT is incorporated into the panels used in frame displays and reduces the shadows that can occur with ambient light. The technology eliminates virtually all unsightly shadows from the background of each display. These new panels can be added to any existing or new Fashion Optical Displays Premier, Designer Series or Wall Displays. Call (530) 877-8832, or go to www.fashionoptical.com.

Vol. No: 143:08Issue: 8/15/2006