Low Vision
Handheld Electronic Reader

A handheld electronic reader from the National Federation of the Blind and Kurzweil Educational Systems Inc., allows low-vision patients to hear the contents of letters, bills, restaurant menus, office memos and more via digital camera text-to-speech conversion technology. The reader also contains a headphone jack so that users do not have to feel self-conscious about the device or disturb others.

The reader is the result of a partnership between the National Federation of the Blind and Kurzweil Educational Systems Inc. Call 1-800-894-5374, or go to www.kurzweiledu.com.

Exam Equipment

Industrial Vision Screening Kit

The Vision Industrial Screening Kit, from Gulden Ophthalmics, is a compact device primarily for employers to use on their em-ployees whose acuity and color vision are an essential part of their jobs. The kit includes C daylight glasses, a near acuity card, a color test plate and instructions.
Call 1-800-659-2250, or go to www.guldenindustries.com.

Contact Lenses

Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear, Oasys Get AOA Nod

Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear, Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism and Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus, from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., received the American Optometric Associations Seal of Acceptance as Class 1 ultraviolet absorbing contact lenses. The seal means that the lenses meet specifications for ultraviolet-absorbing contact lenses by the AOAs Commission on Ophthalmic Standards.
The AOAs specifications meet with the published standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO), which classify UV-blocking contact lenses into two groups: Class 1 UV-blockers, which absorb at least 90% of UVA and 99% of UVB radiation, and Class 2, which absorb at least 70% of UVA and more than 95% of UVB radiation.

Call 1-800-843-2020, or visit www.ecp.acuvue.com.

Aberrometer CL Certification Imminent

The COAS aberrometer, from Wavefront Sciences, is undergoing final certification for use in creating the Definition WaveTouch Soft Contact Lenses, from Optical Connection Inc. Tracey Technologys iTrace, Visionixs PowerMap and Marcos OPD II are currently used to create these lenses. Wavefront Sciences currently offers a vision simulator, which allows you to demonstrate the advantage of customized wavefront lenses to patients.
Call (505) 275-4747, or go to www.wavefrontsciences.com.

ARBO Accreditation

The OE Tracker web site, from the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO), now enables you to print a certificate online for any event that reported your attendance to OE Tracker.
OE Tracker allows you to monitor your continuing education (CE) renewal status and the remaining hours needed to renew your license(s). These new online certificates include a unique serial number that guarantees its authenticity. Using this serial number, a member regulatory board may authenticate the certificate at the ARBO web site.
To ensure the accuracy of the data in the OE tracker database, register at www.arbo.org. This one-time step enables you to verify your personal information, such as your licenses, and to make updates and changes.

Go to www.arbo.org.

Practice Management

Appointment Scheduling Program

Pro Schedule appointment scheduling software, from CyberMatrix Corp., is now available in version 6.
The Windows-based application already comes in four versions: Standard, Client/Server, Enterprise and Web. This new version

The ability to cut and paste appointments from person to person or day to day.
An e-mail scripting feature that allows you to customize e-mails according to subject
The ability to synchronize appointments with Microsoft Outlook.

The ability of Pro Schedule Web to change configuration options and manage data right from the browser.
The Standard, Client/Server and Enterprise editions have an intuitive graphical interface. Also, the Client/Server, Enterprise and Web editions can be utilized by multiple users who access schedule data over your practices intranet or Internet site. The Enterprise is the only software that can integrate with virtually any large database server, such as the Microsoft SQL Server, the company says. Pro Schedule Web enables resource scheduling over any Web browser, CyberMatrix says.
Call 1-888-664-0383, or go to www.cybermatrix.com.

Strategic Alliance Announced

Wink Interactive will secure educational content from AllAboutVision.com for use on its WinkPad interactive educational tools. WinkPad delivers doctor-reviewed information on eye health and vision correction options to patients in your reception room. All About Vision provides information on ocular health and vision correction to consumers. All About Vision and Wink Interactive say they will reformat articles from All About Vision into consumer-friendly content that can be accessed on WinkPad.
(Wink Interactives strategic partner is Jobson Publishing, the publisher of Review of Optometry.)
Call 1-866-946-5723, or go to www.winkinteractive.org.

Laser Vision Treatment

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q, from WaveLight, Inc., is a 400hz excimer laser approved by the FDA to correct up to -12.00D of myopia with up to -6.00D of astigmatism or up to +6.00D of hyperopia with up to -5.00D of astigmatism.

Like its predecessor, the 200hz Allegretto Wave, the Eye-Q provides specific ablation profiles based on each eyes individual corneal asphericity. This method has been shown to improve visual outcomes, particularly in dim light conditions, the company says. Also, the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q offers patients a short procedure time: 1.00D of correction in two seconds, with a 6.5mm optical zone.

Call 1-866-725-5347, or go to www.wavelight.com/ eyes.

What"s New On The Web

Contact Lens Care Site
The interactive Clear Care Web site (www.clearcaresolution.com) is designed to show patients how to appropriately care for their contact lenses with Clear Care solutiona one bottle hydrogen peroxide-based lens care system from CIBA Vision.
Go to the site, click on the demolink, and you and your patients will see a virtual demonstration of how the Clear Care system cleans, disinfects and removes dirt and protein de-posits from contact lenses. You and your patients also can sign up for the latest CIBA Vision product news and promotions, and download coupons for Clear Care, which comes with a new lens case.
Call 1-800-241-5999, or go to http://www.cibavision.com/.


Fendi from Marchon

FS 361

Marchon introduces 11 new womens framesnine sunglass frames and three ophthalmic framesfrom Fendi. Metal frames added to the Liberty sunwear series include:
FS 361, an oversized oval shape available in colors palladium, golden amber and black in size 68/14-110.
FS 362, a modified rectangle shape available in colors palladium, golden amber, platinum rose and gunmetal in size 63/17-115.
FS 363, a rectangular shape available in colors palladium, golden amber, platinum rose and gunmetal in size 56/15-130.

All frames in the Liberty sunwear series include the Fendi double Fs on both the temples and on the outer edges of the frame fronts.

Marchon also has added two plastic, rectangular-shaped framesthe FS 350 and FS 351to its Candy series. FS 350 comes in colors ebony, graphite, burgundy, tortoise and lilac in size 58/16-130. FS 351 comes in colors ebony, tortoise, ice and burgundy in size 63/17-120.

FS 357

Additional frames include:

FS 357, made of rubber temples in a shield shape. It comes in colors black, brown, mauve and bordeaux in size 86/20-110. The frame part of the Zip Code series features the double F logo on the temples.

FS 1013ML, made of leather in an aviator-style shape. It comes in white in size 60/13-135. This sunglass frame is part of the Mens Fashion series. It features the Fendi logo on the metal end piece.

FS1014M, made of plastic in a modern aviator-style sunglass frame. It comes in colors white, tur-quoise, navy and black in size 64/11-125. This sunglass frame features a double F logo at the bridge.

F657, made of metal in a modified oval shape. It comes in colors gunmetal, palladium and golden beauty in size 52/19-145. This ophthalmic frame features rhinestone-encrusted temples.

F658, made of metal in a modified rectangle shape. It comes in colors nero lucido (glossy black), palladium, gunmetal and golden beauty in sizes 51/18-135 and 53/18-135.

F659R, made of metal in a geometric shape. It comes in colors palladium and golden beauty in size 52/17-135.

The F657 and F658 ophthalmic frames both feature a diamond cut on the temples to attract light.
Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.


Nautica from Marchon


Marchon introduces five new zyl plastic frames from Nautica:

N9507, a girls modified rectangle shape that comes in colors
cherry/lilac, aqua/berry, cactus and toffee in sizes 45/15-130 and 47/15-130.
N9508, a tween unisex modified oval shaped frame
that comes in colors sienna, cherry/lilac, aqua/berry and cactus and in sizes 42/16-125 and 44/16-130.
N8024, a unisex modified rectangle shaped frame that comes in colors merlot, horn, ebony bone, tortoise and walnut horn and in sizes 50/16-135 and 52/16-140.
N8025, a womens modified square shaped frame that comes in colors cherry horn, ebony bone, tortoise and chestnut horn and in sizes 50/15-135 and 52/16-140.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to www.marchon.com.


Catherine Deneuve Lunettes from Viva International

CD 201 and CD 202

Viva International Group introduces 14 metal womens frames in its Catherine Deneuve Lunettes line:
Feminine Fashion Collection. CD 206, a glam square shape, comes in colors blush, brown and gold in size 55/16-140. CD 207, a large oval shape, comes in colors blush, brown and gold in size 52/16-140. CD 208, a modified rectangle shape, comes in colors blush, brown and silver in size 52/17-140.
All That Glitters Collection. Three new frames, CD 203 to CD 205, feature plastic end piece and diamond-like stones encrusted along the front temple. CD 203, a butterfly shape, comes in colors gold, rose and smoke in size 54/18-140. CD 204, a pillow shape, comes in colors cognac, smoke and violet in size 50/18-140. CD 205, a muffin shape, comes in colors camel, raspberry and silver in size 52/18-140.

Shimmer and Shine Collection. Frames CD 201 and CD 202 both feature diamond-like rhinestones on the outer edge. CD 201, a modified rectangle shape, comes in colors black, gold and satin brown in size 51/17-140. CD 202, a modified oval teardrop shape, comes in colors caf latte, lavender and gold/black in size

CD 215, CD 216, and CD 217

Details, Details Collection. Frames CD 215 to CD 217 feature an engraved metal rope-like detail that winds from the eyewires edge to the mid-temple. CD 215, a deep oval shape, comes in colors caf latte, lavender and pink in sizes 48/17-127 and 50/17-132. CD 216, an up-swept pillow shape, comes in colors brown, chocolate and pink in sizes 51/17-127 and 53/17-132. CD 217, a muffin shape, comes in colors brown, pink and tortoise in sizes 50/17-127 and 52/17-132.
Elegant Beading Collection. Frames CD 209 to CD 211 feature a single bead that is color coordinated with the front of the eyewear and temple tip. CD 209, a modified square, comes in colors black, caf latte and lavender in size 52/17-127. CD 210, a muffin shape, comes in colors blush, brown and lavender in size 51/19-132. CD 211, a modified oval shape, comes in colors blue, brown and pink in size 50/18-132.
Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.


Guess from Viva International

GU 1410 and GU 1412

Viva International introduces eight frames from Guess?, Inc.: two mens metal clip-ons, three womens handmade plastic frames from the Guess Gone Wild collection and three metal front, plastic temple frames from the unisex optical grouping.
GU 1410, in a rectangle shape. It comes in colors black, brown and gunmetal and in size 50/19-140.
GU 1412, in a semi-rimless modified oval shape. It comes in colors green, gold-purple and black-grey and in size 52/17-135.
The clips adhere to the magnet on the endpiece, enabling easy ad-justment of the frame and nose pads. Also, both frames feature the Guess? logo lasered on the endpiece and inlaid in the temple tip, and spring hinges and adjustable nose pads.

GU 1403, GU 1404, and GU 1405

GU 1403, in a rectangle shape. It comes in colors black, burgundy, dark brown and lime in size 52/16-135.
GU 1404, in a modified rectangle. It comes in colors blue, black, brown and red in size 53/15-135.
GU 1405, in a modified rectangle shape. It comes in colors blue, black, brown and magenta in size 51/16-135.

This grouping features spring hinges.

GU 1400, in an angular oval shape. It comes in colors blue with brown, black with red and magenta with black in size 50/17-135.
GU 1401, in a modified square shape. It comes in colors brown with turquoise, purple and satin black in size 50/17-135
GU 1402, in a modified rectangle shape. It comes in colors black with gray, burgundy with pink, gold with purple and green in size 52/17-135.

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to www.vivagroup.com.


DKNY from Luxottica

DY 4012

The Luxottica Group introduces sunglass frames from the DKNY Sun Collection:
DY 4012, a unisex plastic womens frame in an oversized aviator shape. It comes in colors black with grey/green lenses and amber with brown lenses in size 63/17-120. This lens is one of 20 product introductions in this collection, which includes seven sunwear styles, three in zyl, four in monel, with two womens styles and five unisex models.
The 13 ophthalmic designs include eight plastic frames and five metal framessix for women and seven unisex styles. Plastic frame colors include black, amber, violet, tortoise, cranberry, olive and more. The metal frame colors include pewter, black, brown, caf, copper, wine and red.

Call (516) 484-3800, or go to www.luxottica.com.

Vol. No: 143:09Issue: 9/15/2006