Contact Lenses
Focus Dailies Upgrade

Focus Dailies with AquaRelease offer patients improved end-of-day comfort over the original Focus Dailies, manufacturer CIBAVision claims. AquaRelease, a built-in moisturizing agent, is delivered from the lens into the tear film to maintain tear breakup time for all-day comfort, the company says.

The new lens is non-ionic and offers the same range of parameters as the original Focus Dailies. Dailies Toric is already available in the new material, and CIBA Vision expects to offer Dailies Progressives with AquaRelease later this year.

Focus Dailies with AquaRelease do not require a re-fit. The lens contains the same nelfilcon A materialwhich has nearly 70% water contentas its older sibling, and the new lens is manufactured with the companys patented LightStream technology. This technology provides a thin contact lens edge for easy insertion and comfort, CIBAVision says. Focus Dailies with AquaRelease feature a handling tint to help with insertion and removal. Call 1-800-241-5999, or go to

Coopervision Gets FDA Nod
Biofinity silicone hydrogel contact lenses for daily wear, from CooperVision, received FDA clearance for U.S. distribution in December.

The lenses are made of comfilcon A, a wettable material that precludes the lenses from requiring surface treatment or wetting agents, the company says. Other features: a low modulus, a molded rounded edge for less conjunctival interaction, an aspheric front surface to reduce spherical aberration, a smooth back surface to distribute pressure across the surface, a Dk of 128, a base curve of 8.60, a diameter of 14.00 and power ranges of -0.25D to -6.00D.

The replacement schedule for Biofinity is monthly. The lens is scheduled for U.S. release in July 2006 in a six-pack.

CooperVision is currently seeking FDA-clearance for overnight wear for Biofinity and will introduce a silicone hydrogel toric lens in 2007. Go to

Acuvue Oasys Extended Wear

Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus, from Vistakon, received FDA approval for the additional indication of consecutive extended wear for up to six nights/seven days.

The lens is designed for contact lens wearers who often experience tired and dry eyes when faced with long hours of computer use, frequent travel and exposure to dry, windy environments. The lens features the silicone hydrogel material senofilcon A and an improved formulation of the companys patented Hydraclear technology. Other features: an 8.4mm base curve, a 14.0mm diameter, power ranges of -0.50D to -6.00D (in 0.25D increments), a 96% block of UVA rays and a 100% block of UVB rays.

The lens comes in a six-pack. Call 1-800-843-2020, or go to

Office Design
The Profiles Collection, from Eye Designs, combines European simplicity with urban design via its curved and modular accents and low-voltage lighting, the company says. Call 1-800-346-8890, or go to

Ophthalmic Lenses
Second-Tier AR coat

Sharpview, from Essilor of America, is a second-tier anti-reflective coating that complements the companys Crizal Aliz AR coating. The new coating has a super-hydrophobic topcoat with a contact angle of 110 degrees and up to 99% light transmission.

Sharpview is available on almost any lens exclusively through Essilor Laboratories of America, the company says. It is backed by a two-year, one-time replacement warranty. Call 1-800-366-6342, or go to

Patient Education
Free Educational Posters

Transitions Optical, Inc. offers a series of five free educational posters that encourage your patients to consider factors that could affect their vision.

Two of the 15 x 27-inch posters feature 10-point checklists that encourage patients to look into vision protection. The three remaining posters outline lifestyle choices that impact vision. These posters encourage patients to ask you about protective options, such as high impact lens materials, photochromic Transitions lenses and AR coatings.

For a set of posters, call 1-800-848-1506, or go to

Eyecare Program for Kids

Be Wise About Your Eyes from the AOA is a new educational eyecare program that includes a 12-minute animated video (in VHS or DVD) and a 16-page Optos, Inc.-sponsored coloring and activity book geared toward children in kindergarten through third grade.

The video features the new characters Wise Eyes the owl and Spex, a boy who wears spectacles. These characters educate viewers on how to protect their eyes, how the eye works and the importance of seeing an eye doctor regularly. The 16-page coloring and activity book includes an array of activities that reinforce the videos lessons.

Call 1-800-262-2210, ext 242.

Exam Equipment
Macula Lens in Smaller Package

The Super Macula 2.2 lens, from Volk Optical, is now available in a height of 45.7mm, a lens size of 28.5mm with a ring diameter of 32.6mm and a weight of 24.9g. This has been done to make handling more convenient,  the company says.

The lens has a double-aspheric glass construction that provides bright and undistorted views across the entire lens surface, Volk Optical says. In addition, the product magnifies images 1.49x and has a laser spot magnification of 0.67x, allowing for high-resolution treatment of lesions located near the fovea, the company says. Finally, the Super Macula 2.2 has a 78 field of view and stereopsis to enable detailed views of the macula and disk. Call 1-800-345-8655, or go to

Tommy Hilfiger From Viva International

Viva International Group introduces six new styles from the Tommy Hilfiger Collection:

TH 3126 and TH 3127, handmade plastic unisex frames under the Sporty Casual moniker. The rectangular-shaped TH 3126 comes in size 50/15/135 and colors black, blue with red, brown, brown with orange, burgundy with taupe, and crystal with black. The square-shaped TH 3127 comes in size 50/17/135 and colors black with white, blue with red, brown with tan, and gray with red. Both frames feature spring hinges for comfort and flexibility, a thick stripe on the temple and end piece, a solid front and the Tommy Hilfiger logo plaque on both the left temple and the inner right temple tips of the frames.

TH 3109 and TH 3110, handmade plastic unisex frames under the Sensational Stripes moniker. The TH 3109 has an updated square shape and comes in size 50/18/140 and colors black, brown, burgundy, gunmetal, and navy. The TH 3110 has a modified rectangle shape and comes in size 48/18/140 and colors burgundy, gold, navy, and silver. Both frames feature adjustable nose pads, the Tommy Hilfiger Ithaca Stripe and the companys logo plaque.

TH 3129 and TH 3130, two stainless steel frames for men. The TH 3129 has an updated square shape and comes in size 51/19/140 and colors black metal with red, brown metal with tortoise, and matte gunmetal with black. The TH 3130 features an angular oval shape and comes in size 53/18/140 and colors brown metal with tortoise, matte gunmetal with blue, and matte gunmetal with black. Both frames feature spring hinges, adjustable nose pads and a multi-laminate brow bar and temple tips. The left temple contains the Tommy Hilfiger logo.

Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Nautica from Marchon
Marchon Eyewear Inc. introduces eight new styles from its Nautica frame collection:

N7103, a stainless steel frame for women that has a modified rectangle shape. It comes in size 49/18/140 and 51/18/140 and in colors black, gunmetal, olive, and brushed brown.

Hunter, a flat-metal unisex frame that has an aviator shape. It comes in size 61/15/125 and in colors shiny brown with brown lenses, black with smoke lenses, shiny golden with brown lenses, and shiny gunmetal with grey light flash lenses.

Mainsail, a zyl blank frame for women that has a rectangular shape. It comes in 61/17/125 and in colors tortoise with brown gradient, shiny brown with brown light flash, shiny blue with blue gradient, and charcoal with smoke gradient.

N8018, a zyl frame for men that has a narrow, rectangular shape. It comes in size 50/16/140 and 52/16/140 and in colors nautical black, tortoise, chocolate crme, and flannel.

N8019, a zyl frame for women that has a modified oval shape. It comes in size 49/16/140 and 51/16/140 and in colors army, chocolate crme, nautical black, and tortoise.

N9010, a monel frame for teens and young women that has a butterfly eye shape. It comes in size 46/17/135 and 48/17/135 and in colors satin brown, satin blue, satin bronze, and satin red.

Casablanca, a plastic frame for women that has a modified rectangle shape. It comes in size 53/18/135 and in colors frosted crystal stripe, shiny tortoise, shiny olive and shiny black.

Curacao, a plastic frame for women that has a modified oval shape. It comes in size 52/17/130 and in colors frosted crystal stripe, shiny tortoise, shiny olive and shiny black.

Call 1-800-645-1300, or go to

Donald Trump from Eyewear Designs Ltd.
Eyewear Designs Ltd. introduces nine styles from the Donald J. Trump signature collection. The collection features these five designs for men:

DT 01 and DT 05, combination metal and plastic frames that have a modified rectangle shape. The DT 01 comes in sizes 52/17/135 and 54/17/140 and in colors brown, matte black and gunmetal. The DT 05 comes in sizes 48/18/135 and 50/18/140 and in colors coffee, matte black and khaki.

DT 02, a plastic frame for men that features a square shape with rounded corners. It comes in sizes 51/16/135 and 53/16/140 and in colors demi (a brown with other shades in it), black and brown.

DT 03, a rectangular-shaped metal frame for men. It comes sizes 51/17/140 and 53/17/145 and in colors gold, taupe and gunmetal.

DT 04, a rimless, rectangular-shaped frame for men. It comes in sizes 51/18/135 and 53/18/140 and in colors brown, brown/green and gunmetal.

The new Donald Trump collection also features these designs for women:

DT 06, and DT 07, two plastic frames that have a modified rectangle shape. The DT 06 comes in sizes 50/16/130 and 52/16/135 and in colors brown, antique gold and black. The DT 07 comes in sizes 51/16/130 and 53/16/135 and in two-tone colors: the solid color on the outside and transparent matching colors on the inside. Colors include grey, dark demi, and rose. The hinges contain the TRUMP logo.

DT 08, a metal frame that has a modified oval shape. It comes in sizes 49/18/130 and 51/18/135 and in colors eggplant, black and brown.

DT 09, a rectangular-shaped plastic frame. It comes in sizes 52/14/130 and 54/14/135 and in colors black/demi, brown/beige and steel blue.

Call 1-800-645-6596, or go to

D&G Sun Collection from Luxottica
Luxottica Group introduces five new styles from the Dolce & Gabbana/Silmo Sun Collection for women:

DG 2007 is made of monel and has an oversized aviator-style shape. The DG 2007 comes in size 69/07/125 and in colors black with brown lenses, black with grey fade lenses, black with dark grey lenses, gold with grey/green lenses, gold with brown lenses and pewter with dark rose lenses.

DG 2009 is made of monel and has an aviator-style shape. The DG 2009 comes in size 05/15/125 and in colors satin natural/gold with brown lenses, gold/natural with brown lenses, black/pewter with dark grey lenses and satin copper with brown lenses.

DG 4004 is made of acetate and has a combined aviator-style and shield shape. The DG 4004 comes in size 01/31/120 and in colors black with dark grey lenses, tortoise with brown lenses, purple with grey mirror lenses, demiblonde with dark grey lenses and cranberry with dark grey lenses.

DG 4012 is made of acetate and has an oversized full-rim chunky frame. The DG 4012 comes in size 60/14/135 and in colors black with dark grey lenses, tortoise with brown lenses, beige with gold mirror lenses and black fade with dark grey lenses.

DG 4007B is made of zyl plastic and has a wrap shape with oversized lenses. The DG 4007B comes in size 61/17/115 and in colors black with dark grey lenses, tortoise with brown lenses, charcoal with dark grey lenses, plum with dark grey lenses, champagne with brown lenses, purple with violet lenses and white with dark grey lenses.

Style 2004B is also part of the D&G collection.

Call (516) 484-3800, or go to

SynergEyes Interactive Web Site, an interactive Web site, from SynergEyes Inc., lets you and your patients obtain product information on the companys three hybrid contact lenses. This information includes lens specifications, parameters, fitting techniques, case studies and a resource page that has additional data.

You can also order these lenses via the Web site:

SynergEyes A for naturally occurring ametropia. The company geared this lens toward current gas permeable lens wearers, patients with astigmatism who have all ametropic conditions and those who demand optimized vision. SynergEyes A is currently available in select areas of the United States. A nationwide release is expected in mid-2006.

SynergEyes KC for patients who have keratoconus. SynergEyes expects to release this lens in March.

SynergEyes M for presbyopia. The company expects to release this lens in April.

Call 1-877-733-2012, or go to

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