KODAK Precise Progressive PolarShades lenses are the latest offering from Signet Armorlite. PolarShades lenses are produced with in-mold technology that allows for precise placement of the polarizing film. The company says this process also provides for optimum thickness across all prescriptions. Increased color contrast provides more accurate depth perception and blocks 100% of UV rays.

Horizontal symmetry in the distance and peripheral areas promotes good binocular vision. Power progresses smoothly to reduce swim and speed-up adaptation. KODAK Precise Progressive PolarShades are available in base curves 3.25, 5.00 and 7.00 in powers from 7.00D to +4.00D, with add powers from +1.00D to +3.00D. Call 1-800-759-4630 or go to

Extra Power

Hydrogel Vision Corp.s Extreme H2O G60 S-Xtra lens is now available in both a steeper base curve and in plus powers. The G60 S-Xtra lens was originally designed for patients who needed a lens thats easy to handle. The company says the steeper, 8.3mm base curve improves on-eye stability for patients who experienced excess movement with the 8.6mm base curve.

The G60 S-Xtra is now available in the following parameters: 14.2mm diameter, median (8.6mm) and steep (8.3mm) base curves in minus powers from 0.25D to 8.00D and in median (8.6mm) base curve in powers from +0.25D to +6.00D. Free 45 lens diagnostic sets of the lens with expanded parameters are available to practitioners. Call 1-877-336-2482 or go to

Taking Control

Gulden Ophthalmics designed a phoropter accessory to help patients turn the axis knob to verify they are achieving the sharpest vision. The axis knob is often difficult for arthritic patients to grasp and patients can easily confuse the axis and cylinder power knobs. Guldens new Twist Assist Knob is a one-size-fits-all,

plastic adapter that fits over the phoropter axis knob. Made of clear plastic, the knob also magnifies the axis numbers to help O.D.s read the axis position more easily.

Also available from Gulden is a portable contact lens polisher that lets you remove deposits and scratches from gas permeable lenses to improve patient comfort and acuity. The cordless, palm-sized polisher includes flat and cone-shaped foam polishing pads and runs on a 1,400rpm motor. It requires two AA batteries, which are not included. Call 1-800-659-2250, or go to

Going Digital

The new PDM Digital PD Meter from Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments utilizes new technology for measuring interpupillary distance and right/left pupil-to-nose distance. You can obtain measurements for one or both eyes, and measure interpupillary distance for a range of focusing points.

The patient fixation target is illuminated by a low-power LED, which saves power, and the PDM automatically switches off after one minute of inactivity to further prolong battery life. Call (716) 686-4500 or go to

Inspection and Finishing

Gerber Coburn has added the Dimetrix Lens Inspect-ion

and Finish Blocker to its line of inspection devices. The new instrument combines automatic finish blocking and lens power inspection. Wave-front PowerMAP technology is employed for lens power analysis, and image recognition software is used for precise lens blocking.

Once lenses are loaded and ready for inspection, the instrument analyzes the lens, compares it to ANSI or user-defined standards and assigns a pass/fail analysis. Dimetrix automatically inspects and blocks single vision, multi-focal, progressive and coated lenses, reducing the need for lens marking. After the lens is analyzed, the integrated blocking device automatically orients the chuck to the appropriate cylinder axis and decentration, and applies the block. Call 1-800-843-1479 or go to

Maximum Upgrade

MaximEyes 6.0 is the latest version of First Insight Corporations eye care practice management and electronic medical record-keeping software. This new version features these four functions:
Documents. Choose from a variety of exam forms and personalized exam flows, create an exam summary letter for consulting physicians, generate patient reports and integrate forms with patient records.
Security. Activate higher levels of security for billing staff, and implement multiple security options that allow you to lock a patients exam file for greater privacy.
Tracking. Track a patients progress through the office with the patient locator feature.
Inventory and ordering. Reconcile frame inventory with the physical inventory count, and send spectacle lens orders directly to labs.
Call 1-800-920-1940, or go to


In the April 2004 Product Review, the pictures and text for two products were mistakenly interchanged. The image shown as Talia Technologys 3D Anatomy Imager is actually a picture of the AL500 Auto Lensometer from Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments. Below, we have reprinted the information and pictures for both products. Review of Optometry editors apologize for any confusion this may have caused. 


Auto Lensometer
T he vertically-oriented design of the AL500 Auto Lensometer, from Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments, saves space in your exam lane. You can tilt the high-contrast, color LCD screen for glare-free viewing while seated or standing. Additional features include an icon-based operating system for easy use and a quiet, built-in printer.
The AL500 can measure single vision, multifocal and progressive addition lenses as well as lenses with prism. Four measurement modescomprehensive review, conversion screen, multi-language capability and user-selectable Abbeare available. Call (716) 686-4500, or go to

3-D Imagery

he 3-D Anatomy Imager, powered by Talia Technologys RTA (retinal thickness analyzer), reconstructs a 3-D volume visualization of a 3x3mm area of the retina according to your specifications. The section is automatically overlaid on the patients fundus image and can be displayed as a black-and-white or color-coded image. The application lets you zoom in, rotate or slice the image along three axes, and measure distances and angles.

This imaging function can help you diagnose choroidal neovascularization, macular disease, glaucoma, retinal detachments and more. Call 1-800-214-2030, or go to

The Importance of Eye Health

A new book, How to Have Healthy Eyes for Life (Hudson Mills Press, 2004), by Paul Ernest, M.D., and Michael Wallace, O.D., explains the importance of proper ocular health to your patients. The authors present easy-to-follow steps for enjoying healthy eyes for life and describe what happens to the eyes as we age. They also discuss conditions that can affect vision at any age, symptoms patients should keep alert for, appropriate treatments and new surgical techniques.
Discounted rates are available for O.D.s who would like to sell or distribute the book in their offices. Call (732) 426-2130, or go to
www.HudsonMillsPress.com or www.DrErnestEyes.com.

Dry Eye
Lacrimedics offers two new tools to help you and your patients gain a better

understanding of dry eye syndrome better. The new Revised Symptoms Check-list helps patients document subjective symptoms prior to, and during occlusion therapy with lacrimal or punctal plugs.

A new dry eye patient brochure is also available to help patients understand their condition and the treatment options available to them. This pamphlet also details the potential benefits of occlusion therapy for the relief of dry eye. Both the Revised Symptoms Checklist and the Dry Eye patient brochure are available in Spanish or Enlish, and other languages are available as a dowloadable PDF document. Call 1-800-367-8327 or go to

Understanding Genomics

The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) has released a DVD that details how genomics will affect optometry. The Genome ProjectIts Revo-lutionary Impact on Optometric Practice discusses the importance of medical genomics and its critical role in future optometric practice. Vistakon provided an educational grant for the design, production and distribution of the DVD. Call (301) 231-5944, or e-mail porourke@opted.org.

Optical Drug Reference

An online pharmaceutical reference designed by optometrists for eye care professionals is available at
www.eyedock.com. This free service lets you search for information on topical ophthalmic drugs by generic or trade name, class of drug or manufacturer. Quick reference information includes typical dosing, approximate retail cost, available dispensing sizes, pediatric rating, use by nursing mothers and pregnancy class. The new reference complements an existing contact lens database and other features.

Online Marketing
Transitions Optical has added new features to its Transitions Online Marketing Tool (TOM). These include templates to create customized Yellow Pages ads, an advertising tips section and increased postcard/direct mail options.
You can also visit
http://transitions.com to create custom advertising and promotional materials, download on-hold messages, and order practice management tools such as patient reminder cards, prescription pads, HIPAA compliance forms, coupons and more.

New and Improved
The Volk Optical Web site,
www.volk.com, has been redesigned to better meet visitors needs. The company says the new site features a faster loading time, easier navigation and more advanced security.

You can research, compare and purchase Volks complete line of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical ophthalmic lenses, equipment and accessories. Each product page is linked to a shopping cart for easy on-line shopping.

The company plans to continue adding features like a video section where visitors can view product demonstrations and training. Volks catalog will also be available for download or printing.

Colorful Options
Breitfield & Schliekert has added two new colors to its popular line of Len Deco Pens. There are now 15 different colors to choose from to personalize frames. The newest colors are Blue Mist and Bordeaux. For a limited time, you can purchase a set of 13 colors at a discounted price. A B&S Deco Lens Color Fan with samples of all 15 colors is also available. Call 1-888-429-5779 or go to www.sight-tools.com.



Viva International introduces a new semi-rimless group of ophthalmic frames from Guess? Eyewear. Each is made of stainless steel and features a split temple design.

GU 1213 is a rectangle frame in colors like brown, gunmetal and navy. It is available in size 47/18-140.

GU 1214 is a modified oval frame. It comes in colors brown, gunmetal and silver in size 47/18-140.

GU 1215 is a modified rectangle shape. Colors like black, brown and eggplant are available in size 48/19-140. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Brooks Brothers
Four new metal styles and two plastic style frames are part of Luxotticas new Brooks Brothers ophthalmic collection.

Metal frames. BB 318, a nylon-mount, and BB 319, a full-rim metal, are interpretations of the straight brow look. Both feature angular lenses and come in colors like caf, satin brown, dark steel, satin old gold, brown marble and more. BB 318 comes in sizes 50/18-135 and 52/18-135. BB 319 comes in size 51/17-135 only. 

Plastic frames. BB 631 features a thinly-milled zyl front with clean metal temples. It is available in sizes 51/16-140 and 53/16-140. BB 630 is a masculine frame with deep-set lenses, in sizes 52/16-140 and 54/16-140. Color combinations include black/blonde, black/honey, brown/cream, wine/taupe and smoke/beige. Call (516) 484-3800, or go to

Titmus Optical
he EXT10 is Titmus Opticals latest addition to its Titanium collection of safety eyewear. This frame for men features a wire-contoured rim and spring-hinged temples in lightweight, strong titanium. Colors dark brown matte and dark gunmetal are available in sizes 53/18-140 and 55/18-145. Call 1-800-446-1802 or go to

Harley Davidson
Two new optical sun styles have been added to Viva Internationals Harley-Davidson eyewear line. HDS 391 and HDS

392 both sport a modified rectangle shape in handmade acetate plastic. Additional features include a laser-engraved Harley-Davidson logo on the left temple of each style and CR-39 lenses.

HDS 391 comes in size 55/16-130 and in color combinations like blue with blue-gray gradient lens, black with gray gradient lens, or gray with gray gradient lens. HDS 392 comes in colors like black with crystal laminate/gray lens, green with green gradient lens, or red with brown lens in size 57/16-130. Call 1-800-345-8482, or go to

Vol. No: 141:06Issue: 6/15/04