Dry Eye
Rhein EyeSolutions
A new line of products and services from Rhein EyeSolutions aims to help patients understand dry eye, encourage visits to an eye doctor and to soothe irritated eyes and eyelids in mild to moderate cases. Available chiefly through eye care practitioners, the line is configured into three categories:

  • The Inspect category consists of an iPhone app and 10x-magnification mirror to help individuals inspect the anatomical features of their eyes and eyelids alongside depictions characteristic of dry eye. 

  • The Help products allow patients to regain ocular comfort, to clean the lids and ocular adnexa, and to warm and massage the eyelids. Items include a warming mask, warming lid massager and lavender towelette lid wipes.

  • Sustain focuses on food and nutrition. The Vision Bar Omega-3 1000 contains 1,000mg of triglyceride derived from omega-3 and organic ingredients identified as potentially beneficial in certain types of dry eye. The Vision Gels Omega-3 1000 nutritional supplement also seeks to sustain eye comfort through dietary augmentation. The book Eye Foods: A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes explains the relationship between nutrition and eye health, and offers dietary advice and recipes.
Rhein EyeSolutions is a new division of Rhein Medical, maker of handheld surgical instruments for ophthalmologists.

Visit www.RheinEyeSolutions.com.

Retaine Supplements for Dry Eye Relief
New Retaine OM3 and Retaine Flax dietary supplements from Ocusoft contain a blend of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids specially formulated to support ocular health in patients with dry eye.

Retaine OM3 contains 800mg EPA and 400mg DHA per serving, while Retaine Flax contains flax seed oil––making it ideal for patients who cannot tolerate fish oil-based supplements.

Both supplements are packaged in blister cards to improve compliance and reduce the potential for missed doses.

Retaine OM3 is to be taken twice daily and each package contains 60 softgel capsules, whereas Retaine Flax contains 120 softgel capsules and is to be taken four times daily (or as directed by an eye care professional).

Practitioners dispensing from their office can obtain introductory discount pricing on these products; however, patients may also order online directly at www.ocusoft.com/retaine.

Visit www.ocusoft.com.

Lens Autofluorescence Detection
ClearPath DS-120
Freedom Meditech presents the ClearPath DS-120 Lens Fluorescence Biomicroscope, an FDA-approved device that measures autofluorescence by scanning the crystalline lens of the eye with a blue light. A significant number of independent peer-reviewed studies have suggested that elevated lens autofluorescence may be an early indicator of the presence of diabetes.

The noninvasive ClearPath scan is pain free, takes just six seconds and does not require blood draw or pupil dilation. It produces a quantitative result that is immediately available to the optometrist and patient, and can be electronically transmitted to a patient or referral health care provider, the company says.

The device has a small footprint, sits on a tabletop and employs an easy-to-use touch screen display that can be wirelessly linked to a practitioner’s electronic medical records system.

Visit www.freedom-meditech.com.

Ultrasound Biomicroscopy
Compact Touch UBM
With the new Compact Touch Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM) system, physicians can diagnose and obtain measurements of the anterior segment.

This portable diagnostic ultrasound system from Quantel Medical has a number of clinical applications, including artifact-free measurement of the anterior chamber angle in glaucoma, plateau iris, differentiation of tumors and cysts and lens/IOL anatomy.

The platform’s high-quality, 50MHz linear scanning technology can visualize structures behind the iris and pigmented tissues, helping the clinician to determine not only the severity of the conditions, but also the underlying cause, the company says.

The Compact Touch UBM was designed for use with the Clearscan sterile probe cover, which simplifies the UBM exam for both the doctor and patient.

Visit www.quantel-medical.com.