The concept of halting myopia progression in children isn’t new, but the flurry of activity surrounding it is, with many key players in eye care giving it extra attention of late. In February a group called the International Myopia Institute (IMI), comprised of experts from the Brien Holden Vision Institute, released a series of white papers that offers comprehensive analysis of myopia management.

Busy ODs who want a fast take on the IMI’s work can read concise summaries of each IMI report produced by the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE), here. These “five-minute overviews” prioritize the key clinical and conceptual elements of the reports.

Review of Optometry also summarized three of the IMI papers in March; ours can be found here. 

Download the CORE and IMI infographic here.
Download the CORE and IMI infographic here.

Most recently, CORE collaborated with Australian optometrist Kate Gifford on an infographic about how to implement the clinical guidelines in practice. It’s available for download here. Dr. Gifford, a foremost authority on myopia control, makes educational materials available on her website The infographic and summaries were shared in a recent issue of CORE’s publication  It’s available for download here. Contact Lens Update. 

“IMI’s efforts and impacts cannot be understated, especially given the widespread and growing interest in stemming the progression and problems created by myopia,” said CORE clinical scientist Karen Walsh, editor of Contact Lens Update, in a press release. “We hope our efforts amplify the tremendous body of knowledge being built by the IMI.”