Contact Lenses 

New Wearer Starter Kits
For a limited time, optometrists can offer starter kits to their new contact lens wearers. Alcon has announced the upcoming release of a limited supply of kits for new wearers of its Dailies AquaComfort Plus lines, created to help transition new wearers into contact lenses, according to the company. 

The kits include:

  • Lens insertion and removal instructions.

  • Annual supply value pack with a rebate and coupons for OTC products.

  • Dailies family consumer brochure.

  • Carrying case with a mirror to help with insertion.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus trial contact lenses with optometrist office inserts.

A limited number of kits are available from sales representatives in the United States. 

Three Diameter Contact Lens Option
X-Cel Specialty Contacts now offers a new, three-diameter daily disposable lens option. The Extreme H2O Daily comes in 13.6, 14.2 and 14.8 diameters, enabling practitioners to get a precise fit on all their patients, according to the company.

The company provides a slide ruler for quick and efficient HVID measurement by a technician. Patients with an HVID larger than 12.3 should be fit in the larger 14.8 diameter lens, and patients with an HVID less than 11.4 should be fit in the smaller 13.6 diameter lens, according to the company.
Available parameters in all diameters are: +0.50 to +6.00 and -0.50 to -10.00 (0.50D steps after -6.00).


Practice Management

EHR System
Compulink Business Systems will unveil new EHR systems the manufacturer claims will streamline documentation while maximizing efficiency and ease of use. OneTab will allow providers to view and document entire exams on one screen, which the company says will increase provider productivity. PracticeWatch, a built-in scheduler fully integrated with Eyecare Advantage, provides users the ability to schedule tasks to automatically run at specified intervals of time, monitor patients and automatically send instant messages.


Diagnostic Technology

Single-Use Eye Patches 
Haag-Streit has announced the launch of its Mask-it eye patches as an addition to the Octopus line of products.

These paper, disposable eye patches are designed for perimetric testing, are size-adjustable and provide fast and effective occlusion, according to Haag-Streit. 
Developed for single use, the hygienic patches reliably eliminate the risk of cross infection. 
Additionally, the translucent eye patches allow the patient to keep both eyes open during perimetric testing, ensuring natural vision, according to the company.


New Autorefractor Models 
Smart Vision Labs announced the release of two second-generation smart autorefractors. The SVOne

Enterprise, a Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometer, is a fully automated self-guided objective refraction technology, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, Smart Vision unveiled the SVOne Pro, an upgraded version of Smart Vision’s core autorefractor, which touts a new open view channel, an increased range of power and improvements in usability and accuracy. 


Disposable Applanation Prism
Keeler has introduced the new Tonomate disposable applanation prism for safe and fast Goldmann applanation tonometry, according to the company. 

Tonomate prisms are designed to fit most applanation tonometer prism holders, and each prism is individually packed in sterile packaging and can be easily fitted without direct contact, according to the company. The prism is discarded after use to streamline eye exams and prevent cross infection, according to Keeler.