If your practice has a finishing lab—or wants to add one—new options from Briot give you more choices to consider.

The mid-range Evo XS 2 is designed for high-volume in-office labs that may also need a remote tracing option, the company says. The product’s advanced tracing capabilities can increase your first-fit rates, according to Briot, while its smooth clamping and soft tracing adapt to any base curve and groove, even high base wrap frames and sport glasses. Its manual blocking process includes parallax-free digital centering and a high-resolution camera system to reveal laser engravings. The finishing system adapts the grooving wheel to the base curve of the frame for an optimal fit even on higher base curves, a company press release explains, and its drilling feature provides a full-range angle from 0 to 30 degrees.  

Briot’s new entry-level edger, Perception 2 Groove, is an all-in-one system developed with new users in mind. Those wanting to add in-office lab services to their practice might appreciate the device’s high-performance tracing technology, HD camera for parallax-free blocking clarity and better visualization of laser engraving, the manufacturer says.

Both products will be on display at the upcoming Vision Expo West conference. Visit booth #LP7065 for a demo or www.luneautechusa.com for more information.