Residents of New England appear to suffer the highest incidence of rosacea in the United States, while those in Hawaii may be affected the least, according to a geographic analysis of National Rosacea Society membership data.

In the new state-by-state estimates, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut are shown to have the greatest prevalence of rosacea, each registering more than 10% of their adult populations. Meanwhile,Hawaii scored the lowest incidence at 2.7%, and the prevalence rate was under 5% in New Mexico, Mississippi and North Dakota.

While some ethnic groups may be more prone to rosacea than others, this is only a relative increase and not absolute.

“No racial or ethnic group is spared from this facial dermatosis and ocular condition,” says Jonathan Wilkin, MD, a rosacea researcher and former director of Dermatologic and Dental Drug Products at the US Food and Drug Administration. Rosacea is now estimated to affect more than 16million Americans, according to the National Rosacea Society.