Expanded Photoscreener Access Improves Amblyopia Screenings, But Not Disparities

One healthcare system screened 70% more patients after integrating this technology; however, persistent racial inequalities call for an additional solution.

Amblyopia, Strabismus Higher in Twin Children

Female sex, younger gestational age and lower birth weight were also significantly more common in this patient population.

Dopamingeric Therapy Ineffective Aid to Amblyopia

Using levodopa and carbidopa in conjunction with the traditional patch, visual improvement was minimal and transient in a recent literature review.

Does Amblyopia Have a Protective Effect on AMD?

In a new study, when patients had both conditions, they tended to be diagnosed on contralateral sides.

Amblyopia No Hindrance to School Performance, Study Finds

No academic differences were found among these kids and their unaffected peers.

OCT Angiography May Be Good Diagnostic Tool for Amblyopia

The device was able to identify retinal vessel density in these patients to be lower than in controls.

Eye Position Deviation, Stereoacuity Top Risk Factors in Anisometropic Amblyopia

Both were commonly associated with treatment failure, study finds.

Treatment for Mild Amblyopia Effective Half the Time

These patients—including a third of those treated in the past—achieved 20/20 vision and improved stereopsis.

Digital Device for Amblyopia Helps Improve VA and Binocularity

As a bonus, treatments can be done at home.

Bifocal-Atropine Combo Effective in Certain Amblyopes

Children with hyperopic anisometropia had better accommodative responses when using this therapy.

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