Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Shorter TBUT Associated with Worse Repeatability of AS-OCT Epithelial Thickness Maps

Otherwise, the screening technique fared well, particularly when measuring total corneal depth.

When is RK Not OK?

Refractive surgery performed years ago can come back to haunt patients undergoing cataract extraction.

Surgeons Advocate for Use of Neutral Terms in Emerging Refractive Surgeries

Browsing for relevant research could get complicated if a proposed new moniker— keratorefractive lenticule extraction—isn’t adopted, a team of journal editors argues.

SMILE Not Found Superior to LASIK in Corneal Biomechanics

Study shows no major differences in corneal hysteresis and corneal resistance factor three months after surgery.

Refractive Surgery After Corneal Transplant Safe, Effective

A new systematic review shows a low rate of BCVA loss and nearly half of all cases achieving 20/40 or better uncorrected acuity.

FLACS No Match for Conventional Cataract Surgery in Cost-Effectiveness

Researchers argue against insurance reimbursement for the procedure, given the marginal added value relative to cost.

Social Factors Linked to Access Barriers in Cataract Care

Being uninsured and/or unemployed, having lower income, delaying medical care and needing but not being able to afford medical care within the past year were all notable.

Residual Stromal Bed Thickness Matters Most in Preserving Post-Op Corneal Stiffness

Study shows SMILE’s use of a 120µm cap yields greater decrease compared with LASIK.

Use OCT to Spot Macular Diseases in Asymptomatic Cataract Surgery Patients

Study shows that one in every eight people evaluated preoperatively could have a condition undetectable by indirect ophthalmoscopy alone.

Pre-existing Pain, Depression Influence Ocular Pain Post-Refractive Surgery

The use of anti-allergy medication also played a role.

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