Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Corneal Nerve Damage Less with SMILE than LASIK

These patients exhibited a better recovery several months post-op.

Ring Me Up

The IC-8 IOL creates a permanent pinhole effect, improving the prospects for a monovision approach.

Angle Kappa May Affect Diagnostic Accuracy in Refractive Surgery Patients

Using a best-fit toric ellipse map or performing ancillary testing may help to exclude ectasia in those with larger measurements.

Epithelial Maps Can Alter Refractive Surgery Evaluations

While subjective, incorporating these results from OCT imaging of the cornea may impact candidacy and screening.

SMILE + CXL Only Helpful in Isolated Cases

Crosslinking might help if ectasia risk is high; otherwise, the second procedure didn’t confer much added stability.

RLE Effective but Enhancement May be Necessary

A recent study found 16.5% of eyes needed a touch-up procedure after choosing to get a trifocal IOL implant.

Blue-blocking IOLs Don’t Cause Insomnia

This study was one of the first to document the absence of such complications.

SMILE Nets Good Marks for Image Quality in Myopia Correction

FS-LASIK and PRK resulted in more multifocal optics in the eye and produced small but significant shifts in best focus and expanded depth of focus.

Toric IOLs Edge Past FSAK in Moderate Astigmatism Correction

The laser procedure still proved safe and effective three months after cataract surgery.

Real-World Performance of Newer Intraocular Lenses

A perspective on five recent additions and how to recommend them to your patients based on their expectations and visual requirements.

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