COVID Prompts Health Care Access Fears in the Visually Impaired

About 83% of individuals with moderate deficits worried they wouldn’t be able to see their eye doctor.

COVID-19 Detectable in Infected Patients’ Tears

The virus was also found on the ocular surface of some who had negative nasal swab results.

Face Masks Reduce Retinal Vessel Density

Study shows young adults who exercise and/or those who continuously wear an N95 mask for extended periods may be at potential risk of vascular changes.

Patients Lost to Follow-up Cite Fear of COVID Exposure

Those at high risk of vision loss should be made aware of the infection-control measures in place.

Myopic Progression Accelerated During COVID-19 Lockdown

It then proceeded to revert back to normal levels after restrictions were lifted, researchers report.

COVID-19 May Alter the Optic Nerves of Recovered Patients

Post-infection, thinning of the retinal layers was also apparent.

ODs Gain COVID-19 Vaccination Authority in Eight States

As momentum builds, some agencies stress that immunizations should be a permanent addition to scope of practice laws.

Abnormal Globe MRI Findings Established in COVID Patients

Severe eye problems might largely go unnoticed in these individuals.

COVID Causes Retinal Microvascular Changes

These abnormalities were dependent on the severity of the disease.

COVID Encourages Digital Outreach in AMD Management

This shift may mean the difference between safe care and unmet needs moving forward.

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