Contrast Balancing Partially Helps Stereoacuity in Asymmetric Keratoconus

Syncing the contrast input to both eyes may reduce losses in this aspect of vision.

Blood Riboflavin Levels Significantly Lower in Keratoconus

However, this study found no differences in the amount of homocysteine, vitamin B12 or folic acid between patients and controls.

CXL Reduction in KC Stable at Seven Years Post-Treatment

Study shows 82% of eyes saw improvement and stability of uncorrected and corrected distance visual acuity.

HOAs Strongest Predictor of Quality of Life in Keratoconus, Study Finds

Other notable metrics included high-contrast visual acuity and contrast sensitivity.

Despite Risks, PK Yields Better Visual Outcomes than DALK

A large study in keratoconus patients found superior acuity and fewer suture-related complications.

Repeated CXL Found to be Safe, Effective

A second epi-off crosslinking procedure halted progressive keratoconus in nine patients.

Ectasia Common After PK for Keratoconus

Corneal shape change—sometimes by as much as 7.00D—shown to happen three to five years after operation, earlier than recorded before.

Annular Dark Shadow Assessment Useful in Diagnosing Keratoconus

The height of the finding was significantly correlated with keratoconus severity, study shows.

Epithelial Variability Most Useful in KC Progression

Differences in minimum and maximum epithelium points seem to be independent of changes in the maximum keratometry and the thinnest pachymetric point of the cornea.

Posterior Segment Alterations Identified in Early-stage Keratoconus

Affected eyes had impaired vasculature, suggesting that the disease might be better considered a collagen disease not limited to the cornea.

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