Spontaneous Closure of Macular Holes Related to Diameter, Study Finds

It occurred within two months in approximately 25% of small, idiopathic FTMH and 55% of idiopathic FTMH with a diameter <150µm.

OCT-A Biomarkers Can Predict Conversion to Exudative MNV

“Anastomosis and loops" and vessel density were useful to demonstrate change within a year in nonexudative eyes.

Double-Layer Sign Portends Fourfold Higher Risk of Exudative Macular Neovascularization

However, a related finding—shallow irregular RPE elevation—does not improve predictive ability.

Certain Macular Regions Indicative of MS Progression

The retinal nerve fiber and ganglion cell layers are both important in early detection of the disease.

Macular Focus

Pinpoint your knowledge toward understanding how the structures here give rise to various conditions.

Study Identifies Macular Hole Staging Biomarker

A high posterior vitreous separation height may indicate greater risk for progression, especially among females.

Seven-step Scale Grades MacTel Severity

Researchers pinpointed three SD-OCT features to identify patients at risk of greater VA decline: hyperreflectivity, pigment and EZ loss.

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