Three Home-monitoring Vision Tests for nAMD Fall Short in Diagnostic Accuracy

The options called KeepSight, MyVisionTrack and MultiBit are not yet ready for implementation in clinical practice, researchers say.

Visual Impairment Makes Digital Healthcare Access Less Likely

This was observed among older adults, undermining some of the benefits of virtual care resources.

Image-based Telehealth Effective for Benign Eyelid Lesion Diagnosis

The first-year safety and efficacy data of an asynchronous system during the COVID-19 pandemic revealed a possible way to reduce patient waiting times.

Socioeconomic Hardships Contribute to Missed Telemedicine Appointments

Study highlights the challenge digital transformation faces when some of the patients in most need of care have difficulty obtaining high-speed internet access, among other setbacks.

Online Post-op Cataract Evaluation Tool Shows Promise, Needs Refinement

Most patients were pleased with the web-based test, but many still wished to see an ECP.

Pandemic Did Little to Boost Telehealth Uptake in Ophthalmology

Study finds the need for in-person assessment limited its viability; however, asynchronous testing was associated with a change in management for 25% of encounters during the period.

Home OCT Assessment of nAMD Comparable with Manual Grading

A prototype was able to accurately segment all types of retinal fluid in a cohort of patients receiving anti-VEGF.

Telemedicine: What We’ve Learned and What’s to Come

Reflecting on the present and preparing for the future of virtual eye care.

Eye Test App Shows Fairly Accurate Results

Study shows results comparable to the Rosenbaum card and suggests it’s suitable for telemedicine use.

Photocoagulation Use for ROP Still Mainstay Treatment

A second study also found that telemedicine screening was the most popular for patients with this condition.

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