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 Merchandising system
 Lens edger
 Retinal imaging
Contact Lenses
PureVision2 Multi-Focal
Clear and consistent vision at all distances can be a challenge for people with presbyopia, but the newly released PureVision2 Multi-Focal lenses from Bausch + Lomb seeks to change that. Featuring a three-zone progressive design, these lenses were designed for real-world use to improve both near and intermediate vision, whether you’re looking at your cell phone or sitting in a movie theater. The lenses were also crafted to allow for predictable, quick fits for eye care professionals, the company says. Visit www.bausch.com.

Gonio and Funduscopy Lenses
A new line of diagnostic lenses offers high-quality optics without the hassles of cleaning and disinfecting, says Sensor Medical Technology. The company’s wide range of lenses is inexpensive, sterile and disposable, according to the company. The line includes 3-Mirror, 4-Mirror, Single Mirror Gonioscopy, Fundus, Retina 90, Retina 165 and Retina 180 lenses. Each lens has anti-reflective coating, according to Sensor Medical, which has also introduced a line of indirect ophthalmoscopy lenses with powers of 20D, 28D, 60D, 78D and 90D. Visit sensormedtech.com.

Flōt Merchandising System
If you’re looking for a more interesting way to shelve your eyewear, Flōt may be what you need. The merchandising system, crafted by Optical Displays, features a compelling combo of shelves and interchangeable accessories to visually captivate customers and improve your sales, according to the company. You can choose from a collection of various sizes and materials, from solid to Lucite, for design flexibility. Visit www.opticaldisplays.com.

Lens Edger
Weco E.5
If you have an in-office spectacle lab, or are thinking of adding one but worry about a low-to-medium volume of prescriptions to fill, a new patternless edger may help. The Weco E.5 offers integrated drilling and wrap frame processing without compromising performance or value, according to manufacturer AIT Industries. The Weco E.5 includes touch-screen controls, a grinding wheel capable of beveling all materials, automatic polishing, continuous 3D mapping, adjustable grooving angles and a superhydrophobic lens roughing process, among other features. Visit www.aitindustries.com.

Because the earliest stages of Sjögren’s syndrome mimic those of many other dry eye presentations, optometrists find themselves with a unique responsibility to identify this serious, progressive and underdiagnosed autoimmune disease as soon as possible. Lab testing can improve specificity, but may delay diagnosis. Recently launched in the US by Nicox, Sjö is an advanced diagnostic panel for in-office use that combines traditional biomarkers with three novel ones as a means to detect Sjögren’s early enough to manage the condition and help avoid further complications. Nicox has also formed a partnership with the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation to raise awareness of the disease, which is often undiagnosed until its late stages. Patients are typically diagnosed with traditional dry eye when their symptoms first manifest. Visit www.nicox.com.

AREDS 2 Plus
Patients who need ocular vitamins can choose from two products updated to reflect AREDS 2. One version, called EyePromise AREDS 2 Plus with a Multi-Vitamin, incorporates the AREDS 2 elements and a multi-vitamin formulation. Patients who want to nix the zinc can opt instead for EyePromise AREDS 2 Plus Zinc-Free. According to parent company ZeaVision, clinical studies showed that many patients who took eye vitamins also enjoyed daily multi-vitamins, and some patients achieved better vision protection without the zinc. Hence, the new offerings, designed to encourage convenient and consistent daily use. Visit www.eyepromise.com.

Retinal Imaging
Volk Pictor
Weighing in at just one pound, the Volk Pictor is a compact and lightweight digital imaging system that takes retinal images in either infrared or white light, as well as anterior segment photos of the eye. According to AIT Industries, this gives you the flexibility to take images in places like off-site clinics or hospitals, as well as in your office. Pictor produces high-resolution images and video that are compatible with most imaging software, the company says. It’s also adaptable to any EMR that allows JPEG files to be attached to medical records. The retinal imaging module provides a wide 45-degree field of view of the fundus. Visit www.aitindustries.com.

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