New Total30 contact lenses for astigmatism.

Patients with astigmatism who prefer to wear reusable contact lenses over daily disposables will soon have another option from Alcon. The company recently announced that a reusable toric lens in its Total30 line will be available “in early 2023.” Total30 lenses are another of Alcon’s product lines that feature what it calls a water gradient design, wherein a core of silicone hydrogel gradually transitions to a water content level of nearly 100% at the lens surface.

The lenses are coated with a gel-like surface that helps to maintain moisture for up to 30 days while also helping to resist bacteria and lipid deposits, Alcon says. It also uses the same toric stabilization method as other Alcon products to keep lenses in place on the eye, helping maintain comfort and clear vision.

Total30 for astigmatism is now the second reusable toric lens offered by Alcon, the other being AirOptix Plus HydraGlyde for astigmatism.

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