Photo: Alcon.

Most dry eye patients have been shown to have signs of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), which causes or contributes to their symptoms. Warming the eyelids and applying pressure to express the glands has been a popular treatment for some time, using either home remedies or newer in-office procedures. Alcon just released an updated model of its meibomian gland expression device, called Systane iLux2, and says this version can customize the heat and compression settings to give the doctor more control over the intervention. Alcon says the iLux2 can treat both eyes in eight to 12 minutes total.

The device also now includes a camera that captures photos and videos of the procedure and its effects on the meibomian glands, the company says, in hopes of improving patient adherence with medical recommendations and overall satisfaction with your care. Immediately after treatment, you can show the patient the affected areas of their eyelids and the changes that took place during the treatment.

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