If you want to help identify AMD patients sooner so that management can begin before substantial vision loss occurs, a new product from Maculogix aims to help. The company’s new AdaptDx Pro device is a headset worn by patients when screening for impaired dark adaptation, which Maculogix describes as the earliest biomarker of AMD pathology.

The new product improves upon its previous generation—the desktop-based AdaptDx, administered by a tech in a darkened room—by addressing several logistical hurdles that can limit patient and practitioner motivation for the test. Practices no longer have to tie up a room and a tech while the test is performed; the head-mounted device uses light-blocking eyepieces that allow the patient to be seated anywhere, and the product uses a digital assistant, named Theia, to guide the patient during the test. The device monitors patient fixation and will prompt the patient if they exhibit signs of inattention. The result, Maculogix says, is greater independence for the office staff administering the test. 

Soon to follow the launch of AdaptDx Pro will be a software dashboard called Meye Practice that pulls data from the practice’s EHR to help clinicians and administrators track the clinical and financial performance of AMD care in the practice, according to Maculogix.

Existing customers who own the original AdaptDx will have the first opportunity to update to the Pro device at a discount, the company says. Demo units will be available at the upcoming SECO and Vision Expo East conferences as well as future optometric events. For more information, visit www.maculogix.com.