You can give your manual phoropter a rest and speed up practice efficiency with the newest version of the Visionix Eye Refract system, which comes with an array of upgrades based on user feedback, manufacturer Luneau says. The device combines a digital phoropter, wavefront-based auto-refractometry and keratometry, a digital acuity short chart and integrated lens analyzer in a footprint of just eight square feet, according to a company press release.

Among the new features in the second-gen product, clinicians and techs can now use K readings to fit soft contact lenses without having to run the patient through another instrument and the device can quickly identify the patient’s refractive “comfort zone.” Additional improvements were made to the algorithm and wavefront laser, resulting in faster and more accurate results on a wider diversity of challenging patient demographics, the press release states.

Luneau staff train new users to follow a scripted, tablet-driven process that generates recommended final prescriptions in about four minutes, the company says. Visionix’s algorithm-guided interface allows even novice users to obtain consistently accurate recommended final prescriptions and K-readings in the pre-test area, the company says, so ODs can focus their patient consult time on more robust medical consultations or other growth opportunities to transform their practice. The final review and approval process remains with the doctor, but they can focus on more challenging patient cases that require use of a manual phoropter to complete the subjective portion, Luneau suggests.

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