Although most soft contact lens wearers use multipurpose solutions, hydrogen peroxide may be a better choice, new research suggests. A study recently found no significant difference in the frequency of complications between multipurpose solutions and hydrogen peroxide. The researchers noted, however, that hydrogen peroxide users were less likely to report discomfort. They suggest the system as a good alternative for those who struggle to achieve lens comfort.

This multicenter, retrospective chart review included 1,137 patients—670 (59%) used multipurpose solutions and 467 (41%) used peroxide. The team assessed contact lens records from each participant’s three most recent eye exams.

In total, 706 (62%) patients experienced at least one complication (409 used multipurpose solutions and 297 used hydrogen peroxide). There was no difference in the proportion of patients who experienced at least one complication with multipurpose solutions (61%) or hydrogen peroxide (64%).

The investigators reported that the most common complications were papillae (27.4%), hyperemia (21.3%) and discomfort (21.1%). They noted that 16 multipurpose solution users and nine hydrogen peroxide users experienced presumed microbial keratitis.

As lens wearers who used multipurpose solutions were more likely to experience discomfort, “hydrogen peroxide may be an appropriate recommendation by clinicians to proactively reduce the likelihood of a contact lens wearer experiencing discomfort,” the study authors concluded in their paper.

Tichenor AA, Cofield SS, Gann D, et al. Frequency of contact lens complications between contact lens wearers using multipurpose solutions versus hydrogen peroxide in the United States and Canada. Eye Contact Lens. December 7, 2020. [Epub ahead of print].