Prolonged screen use is inevitable but the eye strain that accompanies it need not be, according to Allergan, which recently launch a topical lubricant called Refresh Digital to combat it. A company press release notes that Americans spend about 13 hours per day on some type of digital device, and this tends to reduce blink rates by as much as half. The result: some combination of dryness, burning, irritation and discomfort.

Many people have simply learned to live with this experience, thinking it’s an inevitable consequence of digital technology. Allergan believes they could get relief from Refresh Digital, which it says is formulated to specifically relieve dryness and irritation that may occur from excessive screen time. It contains a glycerin-based solution intended to enable hydration and maintain the volume of cells on the ocular surface. Allergan calls this HydroCell and says it supports all three layers of the tear film to keep eyes hydrated. 

Refresh Digital is available in both preserved, multidose bottles and preservative-free, single-use vials. For more information, visit