The BostonSight Scleral is now available in 16mm, 16.5mm and 17mm diameters, in addition to the original 18mm, 18.5mm and 19mm diameters introduced in 2017. Each series is part of a diagnostic set that includes three diameter options, right and left anatomical designs to address unique scleral shape profiles, and a fitting guide, the company says. 

Unique design features the company points to include:

• oval optic zones for better lens centration and more predictable fitting endpoints

• independence among parameters like base curve, vault and optic zone to allow for easier changes

• ventilating channels that allow fitting lenses over anatomical obstacles, promote tear exchange and minimize suction

• built-in front surface eccentricity and custom HOA correction for optimal vision

BostonSight says that 90% of fits achieve optimal vision, 75% are achieved with the go-to standard lens from the from the diagnostic set and 65% of fits don’t require haptic design change. 

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