In a prospective, comparative study, researchers recently found that retinal sensitivities measured by microperimetry and Humphrey field analyzer (HFA) testing were similar and strongly correlated in patients with low-tension glaucoma.

The study included 45 eyes of 24 low-tension glaucoma patients who underwent retinal sensitivity assessments with both microperimetry and HFA. The researchers noted no statistically significant differences between mean retinal sensitivities determined by each device.

The researchers concluded that “given the potential benefits of microperimetry technology such as auto-eye-tracking and potentially more precise structure-function correlations, the use of microperimetry to monitor visual function in glaucoma management warrants further consideration.”

Tepelus TC, Song S, Nittala MG, et al. Comparison and correlation of retinal sensitivity between microperimetry and standard automated perimetry in low-tension glaucoma. J Glaucoma. July 7, 2020. [Epub ahead of print].