Bausch + Lomb has just added a new formulation to its popular Lotemax line of topical steroids. Called Lotemax SM, this gel-based product contains loteprednol at a slightly lower concentration than previous formulations (0.38% vs. 0.5% for the older forms). But its real distinguishing factor is the submicron formation that earns this one the ‘SM’ designation.

Using a submicron particle size encourages faster drug dissolution in tears and provides twice the aqueous penetration as other formulations, B+L says. The company explains that submicron technology allows the molecule to adhere to the ocular surface and then penetrate key ocular tissues to help improve drug bioavailability.

Lotemax SM was also designed to be patient friendly, with the moisturizing ingredients glycerin and propylene glycol, a pH close to that of human tears and the lowest preservative percentage (0.003% benzalkonium chloride), in a loteprednol etabonate formulation, according to the company.

Clinicians can expect to see Lotemax SM on the market by April, B+L notes. For more information, visit