Optometrists looking to add OCT to their practices have a new option to consider: the Xephilio OCT-A1 from Canon, being introduced this week at Vision Expo West. The device has a scanning speed of 70,000 scans/sec and a resolution of approximately three microns. An on-board scanning laser ophthalmoscope enables real-time retinal tracking to retain the scan position and protocol for each patient from one exam to the next, eliminating the need for manual adjustment by the operator, Canon says.

The positioning of the Xephilio’s components can allow the operator and patient to sit side-by-side. Canon says this can help create a positive, effective user experience. A company press release also highlights the Xephilio’s user-friendly interface, explaining that image acquisition is a three-click operation to engage the automated alignment, tracking and acquisition of high-quality images and scans.

Those attending Vision Expo West can stop by booth MS9048 for a demo. Additional information on the system is also available at visit usa.canon.com/eye-care.