If you’re thinking about adding a camera attachment to your slit lamp to document pathology and aid patient education, Telscreen says the newest version of its EyeRes device closes the gap between digital and human image resolution.

The EyeRes Diamond system captures 137 million pixels per square inch (PSI), not far off from the peak color resolution of a human eye (157 million pixels PSI), according to the manufacturer, and a 3.3x gain in resolution over the company’s previous system, the EyeRes Platinum. Telscreen also notes that the system will be simple to use, promoting efficiency in the exam room. Just step on a foot pedal, perform a normal slit-lamp exam and the system will produce clear, high-resolution images. The company also offers training on the principles of slit-lamp photography, according to the company’s website.

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Like Telscreen’s other slit-lamp cameras, the EyeRes Diamond will allow you to share and store images and videos of pathologies, and its new image sensor might pick up conditions that are be invisible to other devices, according to the company’s website, the website says. 

For more information, visit www.telscreen.com.