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Years ago, doctors relied on print copies of the US Pharmacopeia to look up information on a drug’s dosing and indications. Nowadays, it can be frustrating to search the websites of multiple manufacturers for the same info. To simplify this process and help guide prescribing decisions, a company called EyeMedsNow has created a large, searchable database of information on over 230 ophthalmic meds that can be accessed at no cost by anyone who registers, according to the company.

A search tool lets you filter results based on over 100 ocular conditions, dozens of drug classifications, patient age, route of administration, custom keywords, OTC/Rx designation and whether payment assistance is available. Results appear in the form of “drug cards” that summarize key facts about the product, including typical usage and dosing, container sizes, preservatives, proper storage, and important warnings and precautions. Each drug card also includes links for any payment assistance services, as well as for GoodRx, to give you insight on local pharmacy pricing, the company says.

The website also features a calculator that recommends a dose based on a patient’s weight and medication strength, in addition to offering two additional databases for OTC tears and eyelid hygiene products. 

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