Researchers from Taiwan have demonstrated the efficacy of human platelet lysate (HPL) serum in promoting corneal epithelial healing and corneal nerve regeneration.

The researchers compared the growth and differentiation rates of neuronal cells in media supplemented with autologous serum and HPL, as well as tested the neurotrophic ability of HPL eye drops on corneal nerve regeneration in a rat corneal wound healing model. They discovered that the growth factor-rich cell culture supplement derived from healthy donor human platelets facilitates neuron cell growth and differentiation in vitro. In vivo, HPL exhibited dose-dependent epitheliotrophic and neurotrophic abilities, such as epithelial wound healing rate, nerve regeneration length and corneal touch threshold. The study also found that HPL at the same concentration (3% and 5%) as autologous serum had significantly greater neurotrophic ability.

The researchers concluded that their animal study could help broaden the applicability of HPL due to the benefits that commercially available HPLs have over autologous products. Their results indicate that HPL may be a more potent therapy for neuron growth and wound healing in the cornea, considering the higher concentration of these neurotrophic factors.

Huang CT, Chu HS, Hung KC, et al. The effect of human platelet lysate on corneal nerve regeneration. Br J Ophthalmol. November 20, 2019. [Epub ahead of print].