Spectacle Lenses
Google Glasses for the Masses
The Google Glass Heads Up Display has thus far had limited appeal to people who need refractive error correction, but with Rochester Optical’s RO Gold lens, ametropic wearers can enjoy the new gadget while wearing corrective lenses, too.

In addition to RO Gold prescription lenses, Rochester Optical offers a new frame called the Glass Prescription Lens Carrier. The design allows a wide variety of prescription powers, lens designs and lens materials to be fabricated and mounted securely to Google Glass.

Visit www.rochesteroptical.com.

Daily Disposables
British Invasion
The UK’s top-selling line of silicone hydrogel daily disposable contacts has now entered the US market. According to manufacturer Sauflon, Clariti 1day disposable lenses are made with the company’s AquaGen technology, which produces high-quality silicone hydrogel lenses that provide “exceptional comfort and affordable convenience.”

Clariti 1day marks Sauflon’s first venture into the US contact lens market. The company says it will offer a complete family of affordable silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses.

Visit www.sauflon.co.uk.

Compliance Packaging
To improve contact lens hygiene and reduce waste, Menicon developed new packaging for its Miru 1day contact lenses that is just 1mm thick, which it says is the world’s thinnest package for daily disposables. When the package is opened, the outer surface of the lens is always facing up, which reduces the chance of touching the inner surface of the lens. And because it’s missing the typical bowl-shaped reservoir, it prevents reuse as a storage case.

Miru 1day is a lens with 57% water content, aspheric optics and a comfortable edge design, the company says.

Visit www.menicon.com.  

Omega booster
If you or your patients are looking for another way to amp-up eye health, consider Nordic Naturals’ Omega Boost, a silky smooth, pudding-like emulsion that delivers 525mg of omega-3s in just one teaspoon.

Sugar-free and sweetened with xylitol, Omega Boost is made from purified fish oil and offers fast absorption of the all-important omega-3 fats EPA and DHA, the company says. Patients in need of dietary supplementation can add this savory supplement to their smoothies or on top of oatmeal to pack some omega-3 punch into one’s diet.

Visit www.nordicnaturals.com.

Fashion Eyewear
Iconic Originals
Streamlined, lightweight silhouettes are trademarks of Moscot Originals, a New York City brand that recently launched an expanded collection.

The Moscot Originals—which includes the Lemtosh-T, Miltzen-T, Nebb-T and Zolman-T—are made from hypoallergenic, pliant material and available in classic color combinations: charcoal/wine, navy/beige and tortoise/pine.

Visit www.moscot.com.