Patient Care
Antihistamine Drop

Claritin Eye (ketitofen 0.025%, Schering-Plough) is an antihistamine eye drop intended to control itchy eyes for up to 12 hours with one drop. The drop is available over the counter and reduces ocular itchiness from allergic reaction to dust, pet dander, mold, pollen, and other indoor or outdoor allergens. Call (908) 298-4000, or go to

Vision Kiosks

EyeSite self-service vision testing kiosks, by SoloHealth, will now feature enhanced educational materials thanks to a partnership between SoloHealth and Eyemaginations. Each EyeSite offers free, simple vision assessments that are intended to drive consumers to local eye care professionals for a comprehensive eye exam. Kiosks are being sponsored by Transitions Optical, Optos, and other companies. During the self-service assessment, patients are asked lifestyle questions and are presented with letters to determine acuity. After the five-minute exam, the user receives a printout with basic results (not a prescription) and information about local eye care providers. Call (770) 622-4158, or go to  

Practice Management

Patient Education Software

Luma, by Eyemaginations, is the newest version of the company’s patient education software package. Like its predecessor, 3D-Eye Office, Luma enables the practitioner to control the animations, videos and information delivered from the waiting room to the exam lane. Among other advances, Luma offers the Exam Advisor feature, which allows the doctor to present the progression of a patient’s condition or pathology. Likewise, the new Point of View tool will demonstrate to patients how various conditions will impact their vision. The doctor will also be able to “draw” on these images to illustrate points further to patients, making sure that concepts are understood. Other new features include an updated user interface, scheduler tool, and the Optical Advisor—a tool that aids doctors in explaining premium products, add-ons and lenses. Call 1-877-321-5481, or go to

Storage System

NoTrac, by Ancom and SpaceNow!, is a trackless, high-density mobile storage system. Rather than a set of tracks, the storage carriages are guided by a single channel in the floor or the wall. The system is intended for use on hard, smooth floors. Carriages ride on 3” ball-bearing wheels and can support up to 675 lbs. per linear foot. NoTrac can be used on rough or carpeted floors with the addition of the GlidePath, a steel path attached to a floating guide rail. Call 1-800-845-9010, or go to  

Diagnostic Technology

Pediatric and Autistic Vision Screening

The PediaVision Assessment Solution, by PediaVision, is able to screen children’s vision from a distance of three feet, allowing doctors to detect undiagnosed vision problems in autistic children, who generally are not comfortable in an exam room. This equipment also works well with very young children—as young as six months. It produces a printout and a recommendation about referral to an eye care specialist. Call 1-888-514-7338, or go to