AcuTarget HD
Presbyopes in the US could soon have a new alternative to corrective lenses with the FDA’s anticipated approval of the Kamra inlay, an intracorneal microscopic ring designed to create a small-aperture effect, allowing the eye to see near and intermediate objects more clearly. In addition to the opening in the center, the inlay features 8,400 high-precision, laser-etched micro-openings along the surface to maintain corneal health.

For practices outside the US, Kamra manufacturer AcuFocus has just released the AcuTarget HD, designed to guide surgeons in proper surgical placement of the inlay. Comprising five diagnostic tools in one instrument, the device provides objective assessment of visual quality, pseudo-accommodation measurement with visual demonstration of pre- and post-op depth of focus, inlay position guidance, and an assessment of targeted-vs.-achieved inlay placement. It can also provide the resulting visual impact of tear film quality over time.

The company’s Kamra inlay—launched in Europe and Asia in 2010—was a finalist for the Medical Design Excellence Awards. Visit www.AcuFocus.com.

Auto Refractor
Tomey RC-800 Auto Refkeratometer
If you’re in the market for a new autorefractor, consider the Tomey RC-800. According to Tomey USA, this autorefractor/keratometer is more affordable and accurate than competitive models. It’s equipped with an intuitive color touchscreen with auto-shot function and a high-speed printer. You can measure refraction, keratometry, and cornea and pupil diameters.

For refraction, fogging makes each measurement more accurate and keratometry measurements give you enough info for contact lens fittings, Tomey says. Visit www.tomeyusa.com.

PSF Integra
Reduce your exam lane by more than 30% with the PSF Integra, a complete ‘refraction lane-in-a-box’ that fits in a pre-test area and performs subjective refraction alongside other pre-tests, such as autorefraction, OCT or retinal cameras.

The PSF Integra adds extra efficacy to users of Vmax Vision’s PSF Refractor by allowing for the highest level of precision and accuracy in one-third of the space, according to the company. Introduced in 2011, the PSF Refractor measures a patient’s subjective visual response to a point source, enabling a highly precise refraction to 0.05D—five times more precise than the traditional phoropter, the company says. The company also notes that the unique PSF refraction enables the first true night-vision correction.

Visit www.VmaxVision.com.

Retinal Imaging

The iFusion takes the two most important imaging modalities in eye care—OCT and digital fundus photography—and offers them on a single platform designed to streamline your workflow. This product, recently approved by the FDA, unifies Optovue’s iVue spectral-domain OCT capabilities and its high-quality iCam non-mydriatic fundus camera. You’ll have access to various upgrade pathways as your needs evolve so you can offer the latest in OCT and fundus imaging to your patients, the company says.

Visit www.optovue.com/ifusion.

Glaucoma Care

Octopus 600
The new Octopus 600 perimeter allows you to detect and monitor glaucoma with more convenience and gusto. The newest ergonomic member of Haag-Streit USA’s Octopus family is equipped with standard white-on-white perimetry and Pulsar, a flicker stimulus designed for early glaucoma detection. Large trial lenses, built-in presbyopia correction and a newly reconfigured response button make for a more comfortable patient experience, the company says.

The compact Octopus 600 operates via touchscreen, keyboard or mouse, functions alone or as part of a network, and doesn’t take up much space.

Visit www.haag-streit-usa.com.

Contact Lenses
Astera Multifocal Toric
Alden Optical has expanded the parameter range of the Astera multifocal toric with the addition of a third add profile design. This new profile allows Alden to refine its fitting recommendation for all three Astera add profiles for improved precision with near vision correction. Specifically, Profile 1 is now recommended to +1.50D, Profile 2 from +1.75D to 2.25D and Profile 3 for add requirements of +2.50D or greater.

Visit www.aldenoptical.com.

Bausch + Lomb has received marketing clearance for its MoistureSeal technology, which it describes as an innovative breakthrough material. This novel technology, combined with new manufacturing processes, will offer superior comfort and vision, the company says.

The FDA approval came sooner than expected for MoistureSeal. Last year Bausch + Lomb launched Biotrue OneDay contact lenses and Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution.

Visit www.bausch.com.

Eye Designs
Lab Kits
There’s a place for everything and everything’s in its place with Eye Designs’ Lab Kits. These wall-mounted panels and their various accessories, including aluminum shelves, open bins and multi-tool holders, are designed to create a more efficient and convenient workspace. Tuck tools and orders inside the specialized accessory compartments of Lab Kits’ marine-grade plastic and stay organized and productive, the company says. The Lab Kits have a neutral gray finish and anodized aluminum black compartments to work with your décor—and maybe even enhance it.

Each individual kit includes two wall panels and associated accessories, measuring 24x48 inches.

Visit www.eyedesignsshop.com.

Maui Jim
Serve the mystique of Hollywood romance and retro fashion with Maui Jim’s Maile and Nalani sunglasses. The oversized, upturned and rounded aesthetic hints at elegance and sophistication, according to Maui Jim.Maile’s slightly elongated top and bottom makes it ideal for medium or narrow face shapes.

Available in a variety of colors, Maile provides an oversized look for an eye size of 60, DBL or 14, temple 135 and a six-base curvature. Nalani’s trimmer eye shape and wider temples complement a more oval look with an eye size of 61, DBL of 16, temple of 126 and a six-base curvature.

Both are available in a variety of colors, including Gloss Black and Tokyo Tortoise. The company outfitted these shades with their exclusive MauiPure lenses, which they have deemed the clearest non-glass lens material in the world. UV rays are cut by 100% and glare by 99.9%, the company says.

Visit www.MauiJim.com.

EHR Systems
AMD iManager Add-On
Build a more comprehensive disease management process for patients at-risk for AMD with the newest software integration by RevolutionEHR.

According to the company, the system’s AMD iManager add-on software improves workflow and reduces redundancy. This fully automated patient management suite allows for patient data extraction, identification and education for maximum efficiency, the company says.

Visit www.revolutionehr.com.

Mobile Apps
The ever-expanding world of mobile apps now includes ToriCalc, an application that quickly calculates cross cylinder contact lens prescriptions. This private-label entry into mobile application marketing and customer support was launched by Innovative Insights and Abacus International and is based on proven sphero-cylinder over-refraction formulas, the company says.

Their intention is to provide a cost-effective system to build brand awareness and increase exposure in the mobile marketplace.ToriCalc has been engineered to increase speed and accuracy. Prescription information may be entered from baseline spectacle refraction or from lens-on-eye information.

ToriCalc is available initially as an iOS application, with Android following later this year. It’s available immediately in the iTunes App store, as well as through the company website

Visit www.ToriCalc.com.

Online Training
Topcon Medical Systems
An online training system is now available for users of Topcon Medical Systems’ CV-5000S Automated Refraction System. The system provides training through a combination of narrated video, graphics and step-by-step instructions, and it’s all available 24/7 on the Topcon website for registered users. Users are also shown how to create customized refraction programs with the CV-5000S.

Visit www.topconmedical.com/products.