Practice Management
Business Analytics Software  
New analytical software called Inzuzo offers a real-time look at various dynamics of a specific practice and how they compare to those of other practices, according Inzuzo makers The Power Practice, working in cooperation with Glimpse. Practice owners can use this information to improve day-to-day business operations through access to real-time data on performance metrics, according to the company. 


Super Systems Optical Technologies Website 
Super Systems Optical Technologies has launched a new website that the company says embraces a

stronger digital presence, with an easy-to-navigate look and a robust shopping experience for lab equipment and supplies. 

The site’s main feature is its FastGrind system, an “all-in-one” modified lens surfacing system that functions on continually upgraded software to accommodate the newest lenses. The company aims to make use of its FastGrind system easier with an enhanced customer login page. With tap water, electric and minimal training, FastGrind owners can be up and running in the same day ready to make lenses, according to the company.


Contact Lenses
Astigmatic Hybrid Lenses with More Parameters  
The Duette HD daily wear contact lens now features a greater range of possible parameters for better alignment, fitting and centration, says SynergEyes.  

Practitioners can customize the hybrid lenses for astigmatic patients with base curves from 7.1mm to 8.3mm in 0.1mm increments and lens powers from +10.00 to -15.00. The lens features an 84 DK silicone hydrogel skirt and 130 DK RGP center, which provides both UVA and UVB protection.

In conjunction with this release, SynergEyes has also announced seven new video tutorials for Duette.   


Corneal Hysteresis CPT Code
A specially designated CPT code went into effect last month for corneal hysteresis, a measurement provided by the Ocular

Response Analyzer, according to the device’s parent company Reichert. Corneal hysteresis is an indication of corneal biomechanical properties. Low corneal hysteresis is considered a risk factor for glaucoma progression, Reichert says. 

The test has now achieved Category I status, as the clinical utility was established and usage has grown since 2007, when the Category III code was implemented. 

The new Category I CPT code, 92145 (Corneal hysteresis determination, by air impulse stimulation, unilateral or bilateral, with interpretation and report), replaces the prior code, 0181T.


Lid Hygiene
An adjunct to Lid Scrub Use
A new formulation, available as either a spray or a gel, is designed to supplement existing eyelid cleansers for severe cases of dry eye and blepharitis, according to manufacturer Ocusoft.

HypoChlor, a 0.02% concentration of hypochlorous acid, is suggested to be used in combination with surfactant cleaners for daily lid hygiene, to dissolve and remove oil, scales, debris and desquamated skin, which can lead to conditions such as anterior blepharitis, according to the company.


Lid Hygienist Certification
A recently launched lid hygienist program aims to educate and certify eye care technicians who wish to obtain certification in the patient management and treatment protocols associated with the BlephEx microblepharo-exfoliation delivery device for the treatment of blepharitis, according BlephEx maker Rysurg. 

The BlephEx is designed to remove excess oil, debris and inflammation-promoting biofilm from the eyelid margins. The certification is geared toward technicians, but the company adds it can apply to doctors who desire more thorough, hands-on instruction.